Great Fall Sale!

There is a great sale going on right now at Chocolate Dog Studio and Chocolate’s Baby shop, 25% off the Sale items!

All of my cup cozies are on sale for Autumn!



There are also bibs on sale in ChocolatesBabyShop!

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Friday DIY Gift Countdown

If you are going to create gifts for your family for Christmas it is time to start creating! Fridays for the next several weeks will include a DIY Gift Countdown. This weeks DIY gift countdown if for the guys in your life. My guys are all college age or above and I have no babies in my life, though I will include them. Here are some of my favorite ideas that use supplies I already have on hand. I will also have to buy some supplies as I am trying to personalize their gifts as much as possible.

A paracord belt!

A personalized coffee cup for my guys!

I am counting on the fact that one of my guys is too busy to read his Mom’s blog but I will be crocheting this for him for Christmas.

So there are a few of the guys things I will be making this year, but I am also looking at these ideas as well.

I have made these in the past and will probably whip up a few new ones for the gang this year. I am also thinking about making a couple of these for some of the family., in more masculine colors, but not reversible.

I am also going to make some of these quick fingerless gloves and add hats, without the hearts and in a more masculine color.

Also a couple pairs of these.

I had better get started as time is running out and there are others in my family that I want to crochet for.

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Waiting on Ideas to Hatch

Everyday is a new day!  It has been a long week so far and it is only Sunday! Last week we took 2 kids to college and dropped them off. We then drove the quiet 5 hour drive home. It was quiet and it IS quiet now. We also took the leaf out of the table and it now sits four quite comfortably or five if you really like each other!  We raise kids to be independent and then we are sad when they finally are! So this week, I am concentrating on the one chick left in the nest. I am thinking of things like Christmas gifts, the Etsy shop, things I am thankful for and what I want to do with this blog!

2014-07-31 11.52.26-1



Like these eggs, I am waiting on the right time for my ideas to hatch. There are so many things that I would love to do but I just don’t have the time. I am getting to take a painting class this year with my daughter. I will show you my work as I go. It has been ages since I have really painted and I am completely self taught.

Talk to you later,



The New To Do List!

Here is my to do list. I’m back from vacation and we are in our Autumn back to school schedule. So, to be organized here is my to do list for the week. This is the shop to do list, not my personal to do list. I have also been running through my pinterest business pins and working on my blog.

  • Works in Progress 2014-08-24 20.47.21-2

This blanket.


and this one


2014-08-19 16.47.19-2


and this one.

  • I have about ten coffee press cozies cut out
  • I have 25 felt Christmas Stockings to cut and sew for a cousin.
  • A wide variety of baby hats, blankets and a couple of new items.

So life is busy and I need to get to work!

Talk to you later,