Patriotic Wreath

Here is my Patriotic Wreath. July 4th is coming up and I wanted to crochet my Mom a patriotic wreath for her door. If you read my post yesterday you read how I glued my wreath back together. Now that it is together I started designing it. It is so much fun,  quick and easy. I was going to put lovely white stars on it but ended up just putting the flags on it instead. The flags look wonderful. This is a free pattern to my email subscribers and you should be receiving it. If you do not wish to sign up for my email list but you like the pattern then you can buy the pattern in my Etsy shop.

Patriotic Wreath, Easy crochet wreath

Isn’t it beautiful.

It has been a frustrating morning but I have hustled around and put away the laundry and threw a bunch of cluttery paper out. The house feels better now and my frustration is going away. Too much clutter tends to shut down my creativity and just irritate every last nerve, or at least it feels like it. I hope your day is going great and things just keep improving as the day and week goes on.

This week I will be concentrating on cleaning, putting away, writing, peeling more wallpaper, filming a Youtube video and  painting my daughter’s room. One daughter is at camp so the other can use her bed while we finish removing wallpaper and get ready to paint her room. We are painting it a shade of blue-grey. If you watch Fixer Upper then you know the soft color range that I am talking about. She already has soft blue curtains and the blue grey paint will go nicely. We are hoping to make the room feel larger than it is. I’m off to get my work done so I’ll talk to you later,


P.S. Why is that when one of the kids is gone we think we morph into Super -Woman and get everything done that we haven’t done in the past 12 months? I really will settle for just three of the things on that list!

How to Fix a Floral Wreath Form

There days when I wonder why I do certain things. This week was one of them. I bought a lovely styrofoam wreath form at the store this week. It was in one piece and not broken. I made a point of not buying a wreath that was broken. I wanted a nice whole wreath without having to worry about glue and putting it back together. Well, things happened and this was the result.

How to Fix a Floral Wreath Form, Fix a floral foam wreath

It broke in almost four equal pieces! I did what I was NOT going to do which is show you how to glue this wreath form back together.


  • Bamboo Skewers
  • tacky glue
  • wreath form
  • Some form of non-stick surface (I used my cutting mat but I have to say it isn’t a non-stick surface and I had to peel the glue off of it when I was finished.)

How to Fix a Floral Wreath Form, Fix a floral foam wreath

Lay the wreath out and figure out which parts go together. Be gentle and don’t grind the edges together.How to Fix a Floral Wreath Form, Fix a floral foam wreath

Break the bamboo skewers in half and use just the pointy end. Slather tacky glue on one edge of the wreath form. Take a bamboo skewer and push it into the wreath form at an angle on the outside so that it pins the two edges together. Break the bamboo skewer off right at the surface of the wreath. Then do the same to the other half of the wreath. You will leave these skewer bits in the wreath.

How to Fix a Floral Wreath Form, Fix a floral foam wreath

Walk away and do not try to glue the other half of the wreath together until the next day. The glue needs to dry and it does take almost 24 hours. Glue the two halves together and you are set. I am not sure how it would stand up to floral arranging but it worked perfectly for my needs. Which I will be sharing with you tomorrow!

How to Fix a Floral Wreath Form, Fix a floral foam wreath

The week has been busy with one child at camp and the weather has been hot and humid here. We have had several weather advisory days about the heat. I am glad that the weekend is here and we are celebrating Father’s Day this week. The summer is speeding by and I am not sure that I getting everything finished that I want finished. How are things at your house? Are you busy, on vacation  or having fun. I have been trying to change some eating habits and I keep finding myself out of sorts at dinner time. It is difficult figuring out what to cook and feed everyone. The heat is also tending to keep me out of the kitchen.

Talk to you later,





5 Places to Find Cheap Craft Supplies!

It is so tempting when you are starting a craft to rush out and buy everything you might possibly need all at once. While this is the easy way, sometimes you need to save money on craft supplies. There are 5 ways to find cheap craft supplies.  You just have to be patient and thorough.

  1. Thrift stores

Thrift stores often have used pattern books and other how to books. I have bought  basic how to books for knitting, crochet, sewing and other crafts from thrift stores over the years. While 20 year old pattern books might not be what you are looking for if you want to crochet a trendy sweater. They will have basic books with stitches and techniques in them that will help you improve your craft.

5 Places to Find Cheap Craft Supplies!, save money on craft supplies

This lovely red and white cotton yarn I reclaimed from a sweater from a local thrift store.

2. Friends and Family

Sometimes just putting the word out among friends and relations can help you get some needed supplies. Family and friends are often glad to share craft supplies that they are not going to use as it cleans out their house. The problem can be that it might not be just exactly what you were asking for. The secret is to always accept what they offer with grace and gratitude, even if you don’t like it. People often get buyers remorse and you are helping them out by taking the items off their hands. You don’t have to keep it at your house and they never need to know if you have used it or not.  If you do use what they donate to you it is always good to show them or tell them what you have made when you finish. Everything from glitter glue, and yarn to canning jars are often sitting around in your friends’ homes. Most of the time hey would love to clean out that craft closet and share the supplies with you.5 Places to Find Cheap Craft Supplies!, save money on craft suppliesThese hearts were made from some old felt from years ago.

3. Estate Sales

Estate Sales are wonderful places to find older sewing essentials such as buttons, embroidery, knitting and crochet supplies. I am now even seeing scrapbook supplies at Estate Sales but these are still rather rare. The problem with Estate sales is the colors can be old and dated. The threads can be rotten and old. I have found lovely knitting  needles, embroidery kits, crochet hooks, snaps, and sewing notions. Once, I even found some lovely mohair yarn that I used to trim some mittens when the children were young.

4. Garage Sales

You can find anything at a garage sale if you are patient enough. Patience is the key. Garage sale finds often have trendy craft items that were popular 2-3 years ago but the seller decided that the craft was not for them. People often clean out crafting supplies they don’t use when they move or their life changes drastically. I have found everything from vintage knitting needles, new in the box prismacolor pencils to a yard full of 50 gallon storage tubs full of yarn. Books and patterns can also be found.

5. Antique/flea market malls

There  is also 1 other venue that  has craft supplies from time to time. It is our local antique craft mall. The mall is made up of stalls that people can rent and then sell whatever antique/flea market finds they have. One of these stores near my house has someone both selling fabric and yarn. They also have craft books scattered around the different stalls but you do have to hunt for them.5 Places to Find Cheap Craft Supplies!, save money on craft suppliesI I found all of my yarn storage baskets from a flea market/ antique mall near my home.

5. Used book stores and the library

Used book stores and the library are overlooked as a source of craft supplies. They often have pattern books and basic crafting books that can help you get started.

You need to keep three things in mind before you buy from these places and I will talk about that in the next blog post.

Talk to you later,


Crochet projects and other projects

Here is what I am doing now on my crochet projects and other projects. The flower blanket is zooming along and I am almost finished with it. Here is a more current photo of it.  I just have the borders left on it now and it is enormous. It is a heavy blanket and will be wonderful this coming winter. The blanket already has a home as it is a custom order. It will feel good to start on other crochet projects, I have so many in mind.Crochet projects and other projects; ChocolateDogStudio, crochet flower blanket

I went to the business conference last weekend and it was wonderful. The goals setting advice and clarity I got for my business has been wonderful. Crochet projects and other projects; ChocolateDogStudio, crochet flower blanket

I was able to meet Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom. I have been reading her blog for years and it was nice to meet her in person.  She is as fun in person as she is online.Crochet projects and other projects; ChocolateDogStudio, crochet flower blanket

There has been a bunch of stirring around and re-organizing. I am excited that part of this area will be my new studio area. Crochet projects and other projects; ChocolateDogStudio, crochet flower blanket

We have been having a huge cleaning session, getting rid of extra stuff, condensing boxes, and packing up our daughter’s college items until she gets her own place. This is the dirty truth about our makerspace. It sometimes becomes the catch all!

I also found some yarny messes that I have been organizing and clearing out.

Crochet projects and other projects; ChocolateDogStudio, crochet flower blanket

It is Memorial day here and we spent time at the cemetery decorating Dad’s gravestone. He was a veteran and we are thankful for his and other’s service for our country.  Dad’s stone is the one in the foreground. Crochet projects and other projects; ChocolateDogStudio, crochet flower blanket

If you or a loved one has served we thank you for your sacrifice for our freedoms.
The week was full and fun. It has been a busy week and even busier weekend. I am excited to finally get to work in the new studio area. I hope to get more organized with my pattern writing and crocheting.  My yarn is more organized. I have decided that I have too much yarn and need to get started crocheting so that more of it leaves my house! (Is it really possible to have too much yarn?) I have yarntopia and then three plastic tubs full along with baskets full in the living room. I also bought more this past week at a flea market, but it was sooo nice and such a lovely color!

Talk to you later,