Life is Busy

It is one of THOSE weeks, when everything converges and happens at the same time! So it is incredibly overwhelming but I think I can squeeze some crochet in between all the other activities. I love busy but this is a bit much!

Here are some lovely peaceful photos from our days at the beach. 2014-08-05 19.56.36 2014-08-05 07.08.20

It rained just a bit every single day! It was wonderful to sit around and play a board game with everyone involved. There were the 7 of us and my Mom. Our oldest son and his wife joined us and it was wonderful to have everyone under one roof eating meals together.

Talk to you later,


Early Morning

Vacation was incredible. I didn’t crochet any at all over the last week. In fact, it wasn’t until yesterday that I even picked up a hook. I did work on this a couple of times over the week.

2014-08-05 06.20.44

2014-08-05 06.35.55-1

2014-08-05 06.39.44

2014-08-05 06.39.37

2014-08-05 06.42.26

I woke early the first morning at the beach and got in a little stitching time while everyone else was still asleep. It was incredible to watch and just to experience. I managed to finish one end of the table runner, not both. So while I didn’t finish it as much as I had planned, I did get a bit more done.

Talk to you later,



Road Trip

We took a little vacation last week and spent quite a few hours on the road. It was a little impromptu trip planned at the beginning of the summer. It has been several years since we have taken a vacation as we moved two years in succession during the summer vacation times. I did not take any yarn with me on this road trip. I did take some embroidery that I REALLY want to finish but never seem to have time to finish.

One of our stops was in Vicksburg, MS. We have been there before but we wanted to see it again and show Grandma as well. It was a quick trip to the Vicksburg Civil War Battlefield site.2014-08-03 11.56.25

2014-08-03 11.56.18

It really reinforces the difficulties in battle to actually see the land where the battle was fought. This house was spared in the battle and is restored now. It looks quite lonely. 2014-08-03 11.45.40

2014-08-03 11.47.36

I found these beautiful shawls inside. The knitted one is a heart warmer as it wraps and ties around in the back. The crochet shawl is a simple shell stitch.2014-08-03 11.47.29-1

There is a pattern on Ravelry that is a little like this one. There are several that are really cool. I am a little inspired… I might KNIT a shawl!

Here is a link to another pattern.

This style shawl is called a Sontag. I had always heard it called a heart warmer shawl.

Talk to you later,




Today is crazy! There is simply too much to do and not enough time.  I did find time to weed the flower bed just a bit.  We found these!

2014-07-31 11.52.26-2 2014-07-31 11.52.26-1

You can see that they are quite well hidden. They are Guinea hen eggs and just slightly smaller than chicken eggs. The mom will come back to the nest and continue to sit on them. The birds are not ours but do roam the neighborhood eating bugs in all of our yards and gardens. They are extremely useful birds and are almost tame.

Talk to you later,