100 items in 100 days!

Looking back at this challenge. I would say that it has helped me think outside the box. I had to get out of my comfort zone in my sewing and forced me to finish some mending projects. I finished a bunch of things in a short period of time.  I forced myself to use what I had on hand to fill my shop. It was good for me as it pushed me to create new and different things. It was an incredibly freeing experience to

Here they all are!

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Here It Is!

Here it is in all of its glory! I started this in the 100 items in 100 days challenge  and I meant for it to be the very last entry but I just couldn’t wait to get this finished.IMG_3728

I love granny square blankets, but this one is great too! It has one thing going for it that the Granny Square blankets don’t. Can you guess what it is?IMG_3721

It has no holes! That is right, absolutely no holes for the air to get through. So, if you want to crochet a blanket for a non-Granny Square lover this is the one to use!   I used DK weight yarn for this blanket as it was what I had on hand and a G sized hook.IMG_3717 IMG_3715 IMG_3713

This is a super simple pattern and I am going to share it with you right now! If you need a more complete pattern, I am pretty sure that there is already one on Ravelry.com.

Chain the length you want the blanket to be as a multiple of four. Half double crochet in each chain across.

2nd row.

chain five, skip the first two half double crochets and half  double crochet in the third, half double crochet in the fourth chain two and skip the next two half doubles, half double in the next two and continue in this pattern across the blanket.

3rd row.

Chain two and turn. You will have a funny loopy thing there at the start. Double crochet down into the 2nd row into the first half double that you skipped and then double crochet again into the second half double that you skipped in the row previously.
Chain two and continue in this pattern across the blanket.

This is the basic pattern if you have any problems just let me know.

The last row in the blanket you double crochet into the spaces and half double into the tops of the double crochets of the previous row.

To finish it out I simply crocheted a simple grey  border around all the edges of the blanket with two chains in each corner stitch.

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P.S. This one is for sale in the ChocolateDogStudio.etsy.com shop!


Finally completely done! 100 items in 100 days

This is the final post of 100 items in 100 days!

I finally caught up with myself and I finished these items for the 100 items in 100 days.

2014-04-13 14.18.15

Lavender and rice pocket warmers or relaxation hearts, or hot or cold pads. These are pretty much for whatever you need them to be. They are filled with rice and lavender buds. You could also put the in the dryer for freshly scented clothes.2014-04-13 14.19.12

I finally finished up these non paper paper towels. I have had them cut out for ages and they just needed to be sewn.

So there you go the last two items that I needed to post to really be officially finished.

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Another Sneak Peek

This is a 100 items in 100 days project. It is definitely all from my stash of yarns, which sadly to say aren’t getting that much smaller. I love this crochet blanket as it has no holes in it like a granny square blanket. The colors are bright and cheerful. The size is perfect and it will be for sale in the www.ChocolateDogStudio.etsy.com shop.

I am trying to decide whether to write the pattern or not. It would have huge pages of color striping in the instructions. What do you think? Should I write the pattern or not?IMG_3728 IMG_3719 IMG_3715 IMG_3712 IMG_3721

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