How to Join Yarn in Crochet

This past couple of weeks I have been posting new youtube videos once a week. This week I am adding  a new video to the series So, You are New to Crochet: Joining yarn. This is such a short video and takes a little bit of the mystery out of joining yarn. It is one of my favorite joining methods and a little different as it takes care of weaving in one end of the yarn as you go.


The week has been full and busy with family and business pulls on my time. I have spent quite a bit of time at the library this week as one of my daughters has had a commitment 4 days this week from 8-12.How to Join Yarn in Crochet, Chocolate Dog Studio, chocodogstudio, chocolatedogstudio

This was the view from the second floor of our library one day this week.

A direct consequence of her time commitment has been extended time getting work done, just not housework. I need to head out to the library more often. It is quiet and there are no dogs barking or household chores pulling at my time.

I have a neat opportunity heading my way at the beginning of August. I can’t wait to tell you about it.

Crocheting has been simple and direct. Right now, I have 4 afghans started and I have finished 4 quick and easy projects. I am working with some neutrals in shades of grey, beige, cream and brown in a wide variety of textures and incorporating some stash yarn. I love how the colors blend.

How to Join Yarn in Crochet, Chocolate Dog Studio, chocodogstudio, chocolatedogstudio

I am not sure of the pattern as it is bugging me right now.How to Join Yarn in Crochet, Chocolate Dog Studio, chocodogstudio, chocolatedogstudio

The orange is reclaimed yarn from a sweater. It has been hanging around in my stash mocking me. The yarn is very low twist and exceedingly hard to crochet into anything that looks great. It is turning into something strictly utilitarian. I think I will get rid of what is left. I am very disappointed in the yarn.

The lovely purpley blue is turning out quite nice. I’ll show you later what it is turning into.How to Join Yarn in Crochet, Chocolate Dog Studio, chocodogstudio, chocolatedogstudio

Remember the hexies, they had a couple of rounds added and some joining in a bright red yarn. It is about 1/3 the size that I need it to be so I am going to lay it aside for awhile. I will let it grow organically as I am left with little balls of stash yarn. It is making quite a nice afghan and I love that each hexi is different.

zHow to Join Yarn in Crochet, Chocolate Dog Studio, chocodogstudio, chocolatedogstudio

I have also been working on the home front and there are odds and ends to finish up before school starts next month. I was painting my daughter’s bedroom a couple of weeks ago. It was this horrible cafe au lait color with a muddy green wallpaper accent wall. It was dark, depressing, and made the room feel incredibly small. How to Join Yarn in Crochet, Chocolate Dog Studio, chocodogstudio, chocolatedogstudio

I have it finished and it looks wonderful. Pardon the lumpy quilt. I originally took this photo to show my Mom and it ended up here as well.

How to Join Yarn in Crochet, Chocolate Dog Studio, chocodogstudio, chocolatedogstudio

There is more work to do in her room. There is a little bit of wallboard repair that needs to be finished and then I will need to touch up the paint. Needing to repair the wallboard didn’t show up until we were in the middle of the painting. Her room looks so much better, even needing the repair. I need to get back to work on it and finish it up!

What have you been working on lately, home chores, crochet or other things?

Talk to you later





Where I Talk about Gauge and Why it Matters

What is gauge and why does it matter? There is another youtube video out today and I am introducing gauge and why it matters. It does matter, most of the time. I am not too concerned about gauge most of the time but you should be. Since I design most of my own crochet and walk my own path.

Where I Talk about Gauge and Why it Matters,

Gauge matters most when you are crocheting from a pattern. The one thing about gauge is that you MUST use the same size crochet hook throughout a project, unless the instructions say otherwise.   You can find out more in my youtube video on gauge.

There is much going on this summer as we ready our house for a fun gathering of friends. I have been reading about scruffy entertaining. I am afraid that the house will be  scruffy looking but I hope that it isn’t too scruffy. Scruffy entertaining is having friends over with  minimal cleaning. I really do need to find the tops of my coffee tables as they are full of yarn, patterns and scissors. Since some of the friends coming have toddlers, I have to put away all the pins, scissors and yarn. Life has been busy this summer with full time crochet work, three kids at home and all that life brings in the course of the week and will be sorting these things out. It is wonderful to feel well enough to work and clean in the same day.

What are you working on and how is the summer going at your house?

Talk to you later,





Where I Burn Yarn and Expose my Okie Accent

This is where I burn yarn and expose my Okie accent at the debut of my Youtube channel.  It is funny to me how I actually sound and I hope it doesn’t grate on too many nerves. It is amazing to me to see these videos come together so quickly. I am showing tips, tricks and just generally sharing my knowledge. I have found it hard to crochet slowly enough to show what is going on. The first video I am releasing is called Burn Test.  I was terribly afraid that I would set the house on fire and you can see the results of the test in the video. It was very interesting to see how the yarns actually burned. We did this test in one of my classes at college. I was amazed to see how much knowledge I actually retained. Here you go!

It was fun to create and see how things turn out. I have been filming little videos all week.

The July 4th weekend has been fun and busy. We have been finishing a bunch of yard work and cleaning in the house.

I am working on a couple of different crochet projects. This one is fun and it looks nothing like this now but I played with the colors bit.

Where I Burn Yarn and Expose my Okie Accent,

These are the basis of my blanket.

Where I Burn Yarn and Expose my Okie Accent,

The next photos remind me of the Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt.

Where I Burn Yarn and Expose my Okie Accent,

Where I Burn Yarn and Expose my Okie Accent,

Where I Burn Yarn and Expose my Okie Accent,

Where I Burn Yarn and Expose my Okie Accent,

I have already moved on from these square arrangements. I am crocheting a scrap afghan and just ran out of yarn for these little flowers. The yarn that I have left over I roll into little balls of yarn. These end up in a jar or when it overflows into  a large plastic box. When the box overflows, I try to start using them up. I am and it is turning out really bright and colorful.

Talk to you later,


I would love to see your projects. Post your photos in the comments and I will stop by and see them. What are you working on now?


Squared Circles Afghan Tutorial

I use the term tutorial very loosely. This is a very simple description of how I crocheted this blanket and the yarns I used. It does not give you step by step instructions. If you are new to crochet; then this isn’t the tutorial for you. The yarn is a pain to work with as it doesn’t frog easily.

Skills needed

  • ability to crochet circles and then square them
  • ability to add the granny square stitch to the squared circle
  • ability to change colors
  • join as you go

I added this border.


  • Lion brand Fisherman’s wool in Oatmeal 2 skeins.
  • The yarns I used were Lion brand Amazing yarn in all colorways. 2 skeins of each colorway for the centers
  • size g crochet hook .
  • 5 skeins of  Amazing yarn to add the borders and join all the squares together.

I’m sorry that this is such a sketchy tutorial. This is what happens when you spend almost a year crocheting an afghan and run out of yarn three times. 2014-12-26 12.24.12

I used two skeins of yarn for each square. This was easiest by dividing the yarn into two different batches. Those that were light and those that were darker.  I then crocheted the centers out of the light yarn and then squared the circle with the dark yarns. Then I blocked the squares. I also let them sit for six months while I decided what to do next and ordered more yarn.

The next  step was to crochet around each square granny square style with the oatmeal fisherman’s wool. I felt that each square was busy and need a bit of a visual break. I added five groups of double crochet on each side including corners.

2015-08-30 15.54.02 This worked well. I simply used the join as you go method to join the squares together with more of the Amazing yarn. 2015-08-30 15.51.19

After joining all the squares I made sure that the oatmeal granny square was completely surrounded by  the amazing yarn in granny square stitch.

I crocheted granny square style around the whole blanket with the oatmeal.

This row was followed by a row of granny square in the amazing yarn.

Another row of HDC all the way around

1 row of oatmeal  double crochet long stitch (into the base of the HDC) chain two repeated all around the blanket, being sure to square the corners.

Then I started with the Doris Chan all shawl border. I adapted it so it wouldn’t be quite as ruffled but still add a nice ending to the blanket. The goal was to use up all remaining Amazing yarn. (I left out some chain spaces in between the double crochet groups.) I only completed five rows instead of six as she has in her border. I also added a 3 chain picot in the middle of each peak. There are 2- 3 hdc groups in the valleys. I hope this make sense to you.

It is a really rough tutorial but I didn’t write anything down while working on it. The yarn amounts are estimates at best and I used a size g crochet hook throughout. I was worried through the whole thing that it would be too small. It has turned out to be larger than I expected and also more expensive than I imagined it would be in the beginning.

Thanks for reading this and if you have any questions I might be able to answer just let me know.