Striped Crochet Blanket: Autumn Stripe Afghan

This striped crochet blanket started on a whim. The yarns called to me from the bins at the store. I haven’t bought this brand of yarn in months but I couldn’t resist it.Striped crochet blanket

I love the heathered Autumn colors. They reminded me of the country in the Fall. Brilliant blue skies, brown plowed fields, rusty orange trees mixed in with green cedars, and a golden harvested hay meadow.  It is a lovely blanket.

Striped crochet blanket

This is one of the first  photos that showed how it was going together. This is a super easy pattern. There was no counting, no tricky parts, no worries about increasing or decreasing just the lovely flowing color row after row. It was soft and warm, almost too warm to work on in September in Oklahoma. Thankfully, we have had a lovely cool September.Stripe Crochet Blanket

You can find this blanket for sale in the Etsy shop. The Autumn striped crochet blanket is 42″ x  66″.  The stripes run vertically and the yarn is super soft. It looks incredibly masculine with its beautiful stripes. It is soft, striped and it has no “holes” all of which make it a superior crochet blanket in  my husband’s eyes.Stripe crochet blanket


It is a great size to lay over the back of the couch, or use with a recliner.

I have already started on my next crochet blanket and I can’t wait to show it to you, I need to get a bit more crocheting done before I start in earnest and frankly, I am giving my hands a bit a of break this week. I finished up five crochet blankets this past week and I am tired of crocheting. I never thought I would say that but it is true.

Talk to you later,


Works in Progress: Crochet Blankets

The works in progress list of crochet blankets is getting smaller. I was waiting on several yarn orders before I could finish the crochet afghans I had started the past month. Here is the current list of projects in progress.

  • So I have finished the three granny square blankets in the past four days. I just needed to have a moment to figure out the size and then add the border. I did get to crochet for a long time yesterday on the purple and aqua baby blanket. I managed to get the border on and some sweet little flower embellishments. I think this needs a little beanie or baby bonnet to go with it.  I am exceedingly close on the ribbon stripe and the Autumn stripe. Currently, I am working on the Autumn stripe as the photographer is scheduled to come by this weekend.

  • There is sewing that is needing to be done today. So, I will work on it this morning and hopefully finish the large stack of sewing I have all piled up. There are bibs, and press cozies waiting on the sewing.
  • There are also some new projects I have in mind and I just need to make time to prototype the new ideas.

I have been having issues with the blog and I needed some help to get it all straightened out. I apologize for that.

Talk to you later,




Striped Crochet Blanket

I feel like I have hardly had a chance to breathe the past month or so. Do your days get that busy? First we took vacation and then packed two of the kids for college and dropped them off. It seems as though we just keep running in and dashing back out to take care of this chore and that chore.  I came down with a migraine that has stuck around all week and tends to make me just sit and do nothing. It isn’t a bad migraine but it does make me creep around in dark rooms.

I have been working on this blanket here in my spare time. I love the colors in it and I showed you the yarn first several weeks back.

Here it is in the beginning. It is going to be a beautiful Autumn striped blanket.Crochet blanket beginnings!

Beautiful crochet stripes.

There are such beautiful stripes. I put three blankets on hold as I am waiting on more yarn. So, now I have five or six WIPS sitting around waiting on the final touches and one waiting to be frogged. I think it needs to be frogged, but I am not sure.

Talk to you later,



New Crochet Throw

This new crochet throw has had a rough start. I frogged it several times right at the start. I tried two different greens before I settled on this one. This is new throw is a beautiful deep mossy green. It will be a beautiful throw when I get finished with the border. It will be a perfect size for a lap blanket.New Crochet throw

I have struggled to find time to crochet this week. The only time I have found to work on this new crochet throw was at night and it was difficult to match colors then.  It has been several years since I have made a throw sized blanket. Here are the last two I made.

I have been out and about this week. I got to spend some good time with my Mom. We had a great visit. We spent time laughing and remembering my Dad. He was a good man and a great father.

Talk to you later,


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