New Crochet Blanket Patterns

I have just started writing up my crochet blankets as patterns. I started with two of my newest and wrote patterns for them. It makes me nervous to write patterns that are out there in the big wide world.

These are the ones that  I listed.


and then also these two written as one pattern.

So there are the two patterns that I have released out into the world. I hope they are treated kindly.

You can find them here:


The Rainbow Stripe

The Ripple




The Rainbow blanket

The Ripple Blanket

Talk to you later,





2 thoughts on “New Crochet Blanket Patterns”

  1. The Ripple and the Granny stripe are written so that you may create the pattern as large (or as small) as you would like. The Serape will be harder to adjust down in size as the striping pattern will not work for a smaller blanket. It would turn out long and skinny and be more scarf or shawl like. I would make it larger by simply repeating one or more of the stripe groupings or add a larger border around the edges of the blanket. The yarn listings will have to be increased for a larger size blanket and I do not include those measurements. The ripple blanket is a true scrap blanket and does not include yarn amounts in the pattern. I hope this helps you make a decision. Thank you for asking, and have fun, Karen

  2. I’m considering ordering 4 of your patterns, what I needed to know if the patterns have the multiples in them so that I may increase the size if I chose to. Patterns are: Granny Stripe, Ripple and the Serape.
    The 4th The large Granny I know I would just keep going.


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