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4-H and The Team Wreath

Crochet Team Wreath

I have a friend that is deeply involved in 4-H. She has been working with 4-H kids since college and was probably involved before she even went to college. She is an awesome person and devotes a greater part of her life to working with kids. I have great admiration for people that invest in our youth and children. What a great way to spend your time!

Julie called and asked me to create a couple of patterns for her 4-H group down in Texas. How could I say “no”?! She knows that I would never do that, so we talked for a bit and this Team Wreath is the pattern that developed. It uses the beautiful Red Heart Team yarns. There are so many color choices; it makes crocheting easy for beginners. You never have to change colors yet you get the color changes in the finished product.

The Team Wreath

Red Heart Team yarns

I have this glorious red/ blue combo. The yarn is worsted and crochets up pretty quickly.

team wreath yarns

You can, of course, use stash yarns leftover from something else. Like the green and white yarns in this photo.

Team yarns

Team Wreath

The green and white yarns aren’t the same weight, but it doesn’t show too badly and shouldn’t be a problem in the finished wreath. (One is worsted weight and one is DK weight yarn. You can tell by the scalloped edges on the left side of the photo. The white stripes also look narrower. This gauge difference won’t matter on the wreath at all unless it bothers you, but you may need to make more stripes in total.)

Free Download

This pattern is ready for free download in the shop. You may make as many copies as you want for your group, but I do ask that you send me an email or comment below to let me know how many copies you have made of the pattern.

team wreath

What I’ve Been Up To

We graduated our last high school student this past week. She is ecstatic and hunting work for the summer. Job hunting seems to be an epidemic among the young women in the house as both of the girls fill out applications. I think it is almost a competition to see who will land the first job. We had a lovely day with family and friends celebrating this milestone.

It is the season for graduations!

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