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Breakthrough and a New Pattern

There has been a breakthrough and a New Pattern are happening here today. The clogged thought processes have cleared even though the rain hasn’t. After spending the better part of yesterday trying to write this post it is flowing more smoothly today. Sometimes, you just need to throw it out and start over fresh.


It has been a struggle the past few days (weeks). The creativity and energy levels have been extremely low. This happens after a creative burst like there was in January. Usually I realize it and then move on to other projects, paperwork, writing, organizing or cooking or something! This time it has been hard. Just plain hard, after almost two weeks in frustration.  The frustration hasn’t gone away and I am still frustrated with the slow progress in healing. The weather hasn’t cleared; it is still overcast and now raining.  Some cleaning did happen in the studio (which was really needed). It is no longer the dumping ground for everything that doesn’t have a home. The yarn is again reinstalled into Yarntopia.


That was yesterday; today a breakthrough happened and a new pattern along with some ideas are again churning through my mind. The results are exciting. Even though I have so many other works in progress, it is so tempting to start on the new ideas. We will see which wins out.

New Pattern

There are a couple of new patterns on the horizon but this is the newest.  Charlotte’s Baby Blanket

This baby blanket is named after the most recent addition to my extended family. She is the sweetest baby. Beautiful and perfect as all newborns are. When I started this baby blanket I was not sure whether to crochet a boy baby blanket or a girl baby blanket. This was the result. I love the bright colors and I know that Charlotte will grow into it. The bright colors are cheerful after the sea of pink that seems to come with baby girls. Easy enough for a beginner but challenging enough for an intermediate crocheter with the addition of the border. Portable for crocheting with the small squares to crochet before you assemble the whole baby blanket.  Crocheted out of soft acrylic yarns; it is washable and non- allergenic- perfect for a baby’s tender skin. Even though it is named Charlotte’s Baby Blanket you can easily adapt it to a Charlie’s blanket instead.

Breakthrough and a New Pattern

In the Future

A Breakthrough and a New pattern are great, but I have also been working on new projects for the future. They are so exciting that here are some quick photos of them.

Breakthrough and a New Pattern                Breakthrough and a New Pattern

Aren’t they fun. I love the granny triangles and then look at all those ends that need to be woven in. It took almost all day. There is also a border that I just can’t like. I am not sure why but I feel the need to rip it out and start over.

Breakthrough and a New Pattern


What do you think? Rip it out and start over. It just doesn’t seem to flow. The yellow scallops are the last edge of the border and I just don’t like it.

I am trying to write more frequently and looking into new mat

talk to you later,


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