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Business Boutique and Chocolate Dog Studio

Business Boutique

If you have ever wanted a little behind the scenes look at the how and why I started Chocolate Dog Studio, today is your chance. A couple of years ago I attended a Business Boutique seminar in Nashville Tennessee. Business Boutique is a wonderful conference for women  that have ever thought about starting, wanted to start, or are entrepreneurs. There were women there from all walks of business from the Multi Level Marketing groups to women starting businesses in everything from gluten free crackers (that were delicious), to physical therapists. Everyone is so encouraging and nice. Just plain nice and interested in why you are there and you business idea. It was amazing.

There was an opportunity for a podcast interview and I seized the opportunity.  I was so very nervous during this interview. It was really way outside my comfort zone. Now two years later hearing it for the first time this morning, I was totally overwhelmed. I sound so confident and in charge and I must admit that many times as a creative person; I am more of a mess than organized but there is a method in my madness.  If  you only want to hear my bit of the interview it starts about the 39 minute mark and last for about 4-5 minutes, not long at all.

This podcast interview was recorded by Christy Wright at a Nashville Tennessee Business Boutique conference. If you are a woman starting a business then go and soak up as much information as you can. I highly recommend the conferences and her book. It is uniquely tailored to fit women and their needs in running and starting a business.


I intend to spend it crocheting and patterrn writing, so I’ll leave you with an inspirational photo or two of  yarn! I have to confess that I did buy yarn at the post Holiday sales and drastically increased my stash, but that means that I can crochet more!

Business Boutique and Chocolate Dog Studio



Some new stash that came in after Christmas


Business Boutique and Chocolate Dog Studio


And then there is the old stuff that keeps hanging around no matter how much I use it, it never seems to decrease in mass. It never ever goes away, the more you use it up the more you have left over.  I think a scrap afghan is in my not so distant future.



Business Boutique and Chocolate Dog Studio


talk to you later,


P.S. I have to say that I am not paid by Business Boutique either for the interview or this blog post today.


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