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Even More About Color Theory in Yarn: The Neutrals

Even more color theory in yarn

Last week, we talked more about color theory in yarn. Then it hit me: we haven’t even touched on the neutrals! So, here we have Even More About Color Theory in Yarn: The neutrals. Just saying that brings to mind minimalist apartments full of chrome, glass, and black and white decor; sophistication, Art Deco, and lovely Hollywood glamour. It also brings to mind the 70s, with their overwhelming browns and oranges.

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More About Color Theory

color theory

This week we are talking more about color theory and yarn. This is still a really hard topic to write about. I’ll say it again. Color is complicated.  Color theory is making advances and changing. Computer drawing, printing, and photography have really changed how we see color. Adding simple filters on your phone camera (or within the editing platform after you take the photo) can warm up or cool down the pictures. This has made us more aware of how we can cause changes in color. The traditional color theory described in this post is tried and true over time. These are traditional color schemes as taught to most interior design and art students.

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Understanding Color Theory in Yarn

color theory in yarn

This post is titled Understanding Color Theory in Yarn, but the original title was Finding Your Passion. It was long. And wordy. Overall, boring. Already there were three strikes against it! Then I read over it again and realized there was no mention of crochet in it at all. What was I thinking?! Lately, I have been reading some really great, uplifting posts by some of my favorite blog authors and it resulted in me trying to be someone I’m not. Enough of the boring stuff; onto the crochet stuff! Well, yarn at least, and specifically, color theory in yarn. Continue reading Understanding Color Theory in Yarn

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The Year in Pictures

year in pictures

Here is a look back at the year 2016. Yup, it’s the year in pictures of what happened over the past 365 days at Chocolate Dog Studio. Enjoy!

This is actually just a sampling — there are so many other things that have happened this year! We added grandkids to the family, did some deep cleaning and some home repairs, spent lots of time together as a family, and graduated one from college. We have laughed more than cried; crocheted more than torn out; loved more than ever. It’s been a good year!

May your New Year be better than last year and full of love, joy, and laughter.

Happy New Year,