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The Giveaway You’ve Been Waiting For!

Time for a giveaway!

I have been thinking about having a giveaway for a long time. My biggest question is always: What should it be? Yarn? Patterns? Supplies? Finally, I ran across these little gems on Etsy — they are so perfect. They fit in beautifully with the fingerless glove patterns I have been writing recently. Giveaway Teaser Aren’t they adorable?! They remind… Read more »

30 Things to Improve Your Business

Time for a giveaway!

Being an online business owner has its ups and downs. Often, there are “slack times” when it isn’t quite time to release a new product, yet our creativity has taken a nosedive. Since your business won’t run itself, I’ve come up with 30 things you can do to improve your online business beyond making more items to sell. (This post contains affiliate… Read more »

Easy Ways to Plan a Crochet Afghan: Color Scheme

color schemes

People often ask me how I plan the color schemes in my crochet blankets. Previously, I wrote about four different methods designers use to plan their blankets.  In this YouTube video, I get a little more personal and tell you about two methods that I use frequently. (I  have wanted to share this method with you for months!) These are, quite… Read more »