Washing Some Burlap

I have been procrastinating by wasshing some burlap bags. I have been trying to get the house cleaned up in preparation for the college kids that come to our house for Thanksgiving. It is a busy time but I love having them visit. We have spent 6 weeks or so cleaning out my Mom’s old house so she could move into a smaller place. I have tons of new (old) things that need to find a new home. So, I am unpacking and starting to think about putting them away in a more permanent home. Today, I am doing that by washing the burlap sacks that I picked up out of her garage. I am wanting to use them in some craft projects but they are dirty and smell like burlap!

Burlap bags for washingMy Mom and Dad used these on the farm to pick up pecans and haul things around. They are really useful but really dirty. They also got these from the feed store, ages ago and they have been lying around in the garage for years.An old burlap coffee bagOne is a coffee sack with cool writing on it. I am getting ready wash them with bleach and then dry them, several times. I hope the bleach doesn’t take out the writing. My washer regularly washes dog beds so I am pretty sure that it can handle these with no problems.

Burlap tote sacks or burlap bags in the washer

So this is the first wash. We will see how it goes.
It is pretty linty. The lint trap was completely full and I stopped the cycle so I could wash it again. Dryer lint from burlap bags

It is pretty gross. Thankfully, I am going to use the lint to make some fire starters for the fire pit but the burlap really needs another wash cycle, or two.

washing burlap bags

it is starting to look better than it did and it IS softer. We will see what a total of three washing and drying will do for them. I am going to stop the dryer cycle half way through and clean out the lint trap. I am also going to shake them out outside and get rid of the little pills of lint before it goes in the dryer.

Ok there was even more dryer lint the second time  but I think that third time is the charm! The burlap bags are much softer and smell less than they did with the first wash. I will show you how it comes out next time and also the cute projects I am wanting to try.

Talk to you later,





Tuesdays Trees

Autumn or fall as we Okies tend to say is really upon us. The weather has gone from 70 degrees to 30 degrees overnight as the cold front comes in. Thankfully this kind of weather gives us some beautiful Fall color. Here is a photo of our back yard and one of our neighbor’s tree that I just love this time of year.

2014-11-11 12.39.42 2014-11-11 12.39.49-2

Aren’t they glorious. This is the view first thing in the morning as we get coffee and breakfast. Especially since we have the curtains shortened to keep the puppy from chewing on them.  I had the good fortune of being in a craft fair last week and while it was fun I am reminded why I do them so infrequently. They sure take a bunch of work. Here is a photo of my booth and I know it needs improving. 2014-11-008

I only had two days notice to participate in this one so I worked on my cup sleeve and boot cuff presentation and they sold much better. 2014-11-05 13.58.44

Here you can see my final choice amidst the chaos of creativity! 2014-11-05 15.32.43

Complete with my quick sketch of a boot with a boot cuff! I feel pretty good about these.  It did seem to take all day long to get them just right! It was a great craft fair. I got to talk to some wonderful people and spend time with my Mom. My cousin stopped by  and we visited for awhile. We had a great time.

Talk to you later,

Karen Stewart


It is my Etsy Anniversary Sale month!

Hi all,

This month is the month of my Etsy Anniversary sale. The exact date is November 18 but I like to celebrate all month long!  It has been 6 years since I opened the ChocolateDogStudio. What a lovely time it has been. I have met wonderful people, businesses and learned an incredible amount.

.So, as it is also blanket weather here, cool, rainy and overcast. I am having a blanket sale. Lovely, perfect weather for cuddling up under a nice warm crocheted blanket. All of the blankets and ponchos are 20% off! They are only on sale two times a year, so shop while you have a chance! You can find them at www.ChocolateDogStudio.etsy.com. There aren’t very many and they are all one of a kinds!

Have a great week and celebrate this season of the year! We celebrated the beginning of the Thanksgiving season with a fire pit. It was great except for the smoke! :0) It was crisp and cold outside so we had warm bowls of soup and then roasted marshmallows for dessert It was a lovely time to just slow down and enjoy each other’s company. Our oldest son had helped to take down and dead tree in the yard. We had also had several branches downed in the storm last year so they were also removed. He is excited because he now has firewood for their small apartment fireplace. We are excited because the eye sore tree is now gone! It was a very spontaneous thing. Our yard needs some work and we need to fill holes in the yard as one of the dogs has gone wild with her digging.

talk to you later,


“tis the Season for Giving

This is the time of year when we think about giving gifts to our friends. (Other than their birthdays.) Here are the cute kitchen towels that I finished up yesterday for them. I have started several different projects and I am working on a custom order, but I wanted to do something a bit different from what I normally do.

2013-12-18 13.52.01


2013-12-18 13.52.14


2013-12-18 13.51.55

2013-12-18 13.51.46There are both sets ready to be used.

Talk to you later,