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Keeping Track of Skeins of Yarn and Using Them

Keeping Track of Skeins of Yarn

Keeping track of skeins of yarn in my stash is hard. I struggle with knowing what colors I have and the amounts left in each skein. Then there are all those partial skeins and balls of yarn that seem to spill out onto my desk and clutter up my life — do I even need to mention what happens when the yarn basket gets full? Maybe it’s just me, but I’m convinced those pesky balls of yarn unroll themselves and tangle up for no reason other than to spite me. Then I seem to forget what I have and where it is. It can really be frustrating!

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Creating Hanging Organizers for Your Craft Area

Hanging Organizer

Remember my Pegboard and how bare it looked? Well, I created these cool hanging organizers that will help in the Use Your Stash Challenge. I thought you might like to see what I’ve done, in case you need a little inspiration for your own organizational needs.

Creating Hanging Organizers

I’m a visual person. Having things stored in hanging organizers (out in the open instead of in cabinets or drawers) keeps things in front of my eyes. Seeing what’s available to use gives me inspiration, and helps me stay on track for using up my stash.

The following is just a quick tutorial keeping with the theme of using your stash.

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Studio Organization for the Crafty Woman

Crafty women sometimes have a different idea of what Girls’ Night Out should look like. I recently visited a close friend who had just moved into her new (to her) house. The last few boxes to unpack were daunting for her as they housed her passion–one of her prime interests in life–her sewing. This has also been her business, and there it was, all boxed up, staring at her. She had so many boxes to go through and found it difficult to decide which one to sort through first. All the items in the boxes were quite daunting, too! Some needed to be kept, some needed to be given away, and some just needed to be trashed! I would like to think I helped, but I’m not positive. Much of the time I was there, I was thinking about my own studio organization and how much I really want to work on getting rid of some of my old stuff!

So, in honor of all our unorganized yarn/sewing/craft rooms, here are several organizers and room arrangements that I wish I had in my studio!

Organization Walls

Studio organization bookcases

Slanted ceiling studio organization

(I have no idea where the above photo is from, but it is a great storage idea for my studio which has a slanted ceiling. If you know the correct web address, so I can give credit to the designer of this space, please send me a message!)

Organization Bins

Organization bins

Although this is showing toys and books for children, I can just imagine these bins holding skeins of yarn, scraps of fabric, and opened packages of batting and fleece.

Studio Organization

Ideas for studio organization

Pegboard on the wall is a great idea, one which I have already made use of in my studio. Organization needs often change over time, though. I find I must change-up my pegboard every now and then to make it more useful. has some great craft room ideas; I need to procrastinate research a bit more to see what new ideas I can come up with for my studio.

Pegboard Organization

Below is a photo of my downstairs pegboard. As you can see, I am just starting to populate it with hooks and miscellaneous things I need to store. (Notice the magnet board directly below it.) I’m working downstairs more these days because the light is so much better, but I share the space with Hubs, so I need to keep it more organized. I have some really great ideas for studio organization, but no time to implement them. One thing on my to-do list is to paint the pegboard, but for now, I’m thrilled just to have it on the wall.

Chocolate Dog Studio organization using pegboard

Use Your Stash

Looking for ways to use up and get rid of your yarn stash? Do you have UFOs (unfinished objects), WIPs (works in progress), and PIGs (projects in grocery sacks) hiding around your home? Then you need to join the Use Your Stash Challenge 2017! Be watching this blog — details are coming next week!


Talk to you later,


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Managing My Life

Use Your Stash

December always seems to be the time when I take stock and check what I need to change and improve. It seems I mostly do this when I clean for family visits over the holidays. Are your December days like this, too? I guess it is the feeling of starting a new year, of new beginnings. I look forward to getting organized and setting up better systems for managing my life and planning for the future. Then I won’t have to struggle so much with cleaning/organizing in the New Year.

Three Areas I Struggle to Manage Well

  • My Time
  • Crochet Projects
  • Family/Work Balance

How I Manage My Biggest Stumbling Block

Managing my time has been a huge stumbling block for me. It seems that something is always in the way of doing what I want to do. I recently had a conversation with our adult daughter which really opened my eyes. I was listing everything I had to do and why it seemed like I never had any time. Along with the list was my chief complaint that I am tired all the time.  We talked about it for awhile and, finally, she said, “It sounds like you need a day off.” She was right, but my schedule is too full and too busy with too much stuff going on.


managing my time

I took a long look at my calendar and started canceling things that were not immediately necessary. Just because something is good doesn’t mean I need to participate. If you take the rock, pebbles and sand analogy too far you can see yourself coming and going. Then there is no time to just be, to just enjoy life. Family, art, and creativity take time; you just have to know how to spend that time. Otherwise, you miss the small minutes that can mean so much. It is possible to structure your time so heavily that you never have time to look at the rainbow. or the flowers. I catch myself not looking my kids “in the eye” and telling them I love them. And I forget: why I started this crafty business in the first place; to tell my husband I love him; to laugh and have fun with my family.

managing my life

Wow, I forget a lot. It must be the doer/manager part of me that is so strong. If you forget the sweet things in life, then you really don’t have a life!

Three Simple Things for Managing My Life


I have been delegating more house chores to family members–the kids need the experience and practice, plus the knowledge that cleaning should happen every week. Whenever I can have someone else do a chore, then I do. Delegating to the kids to do their own laundry and “hiring” their help around the house has freed up some of my time and keeps the cleaning chores down to a dull roar for me.

Set Office Hours

I posted my office hours for my online sales venues. This helps customers know that I am not ignoring their comments on the weekend. I am truly off work. I also am trying learning to schedule work time around family/date night/me time. I’m getting better at it. When you work in your living room, your work can become your life.

manage my boundaries in life

Work Ahead

In an effort to reduce stress, I am trying to work ahead. From freezer cooking to errands to crochet patterns, I am attempting to work in advance of when it is due. This gives me a little spare time to fight off that cold or welcome the new Grandkids that arrive unexpectedly.

Now if I can just get my Christmas/Birthday shopping and card buying done early too!

You notice I did not say one word about crocheting, organizing yarn, or using my stash yarns. That’s because my focus this month is on using my stash yarn. Be watching for a post next week when I tell you all about the Use Your Stash Challenge because we must, after all…

Shop Our Stash First!

Already, I am getting so excited about it–I can’t wait to get started! I want to see all of your projects and ideas, and I can’t wait to feel the excitement as we all work through our stash and WIP’s (works in progress).

Use Your Stash Challenge

Talk to you later,