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Recover your Card Table Tutorial

It appears as though hubs and I have entered into the redo or maintain your stuff phase of life. My card tables were in sad shape after years of school projects and art projects. Simply covering them with tablecloths didn’t change the fact that they looked awful. I have had this little idea percolating in my mind for awhile.  I have recovered a card table chair and there would be no reason why I couldn’t recover a card table the same way. All it would take is the laminated fabric or vinyl for the top. I already had the tiny staples and staple gun left over from the chair recover (or so I thought).

Recover your Card Table Tutorial


Doesn’t my table top look sad, ugly and dirty. I did clean it and it just doesn’t get any better.

Pretty much all card tables have a little layer of padding under the vinyl. You can see it in the photo above where it is cut. I saved this padding to reuse as it was already cut to size and not in too bad a condition. It is the thin packing wrap that

The supplies you will need are.

  • safety goggles
  • Staple gun and short staples
  • Enough vinyl for the top or laminated fabric
  • scissors
  • staple pulling devices ( we used everything from a staple puller to pliers and a flat head screwdriver)
  • 2 small shallow bowls or jars for screws and used staples
  • scissors and craft knife
  • phillips head screwdriver

Keep in mind that small children and these tools do not mix well. This is probably the reason why this job didn’t happen any sooner.

  1. Measure your card table top and while you are measuring check to see if your table top screws into the base and legs.Recover your Card Table Tutorial

See the little brackets that are riveted to the table top then then screw into the metal table base.

Now you know if your card table is able to be recovered.

Buy your vinyl or laminated fabric for the top.  I tried to buy a non- stripey design so it wouldn’t matter if I lined up the stripes perfectly. Un-aligned stripes drive me crazy over time. I chose vintage looking Paris postcards.

Put your card table upside down on your dining table or the floor. It is easier on your back and your knees. Using your phillips head screw driver remove all of the screws.

Recover your Card Table Tutorial

Take the legs off of the top and set them aside. Then start to remove all of the staples any way you can. Take a photo of the corner so that you can see how the vinyl was stapled in the corners.

Recover your Card Table Tutorial

It was stretched really tight and stapled a bunch.

Remove the vinyl and place your choice of top face down on your work surface. Place the padding on top and then your table top. It will make a sandwich with the top face down, then the padding and lastly the table top also face down.

Cut the top about four inches longer than you need on all four sides. This gives you something to pull on when you are stapling. We will trim the extra off later.

Staple one time in the middle on the first side.

Then I pulled the Paris fabric tight on the opposite side and put one staple in the table (through all of the layers) also in the middle. Then work one on each side of this first staple alternating opposite sides. Leave the corners alone for now.

Then staple the other two sides.

Recover your Card Table TutorialIt will  be stapled on all four sides with no corners done about 1/2 way through.

If your staples don’t go all the way in then you can get a hammer and tack them down firmly.

Then do the corners the same way as the photo stretching and stapling as you go. I tried to staple little bits instead of big folds of the vinyl.

Take the craft knife or scissors and trim the extra vinyl just on the inside of your staples away from the table edge.

Put the table base and legs back on your table top and put the screws back in.


Recover your Card Table TutorialSee Tom put the screws back in for me. He also did most of the work but that happens at my house whenever I get out the tools. He did a great job and I just did other things.

Recover your Card Table Tutorial

I also have vinyl left over to do the chairs as well. So I am pretty happy about this project.

Things I would watch out for before starting.

  1. make sure you have enough staples for the staple gun before you get started.
  2. Make sure the staples you have fit the staple gun you own.

The top isn’t as tight as the original top but it isn’t wrinkled and the laminated fabric stretches more than the vinyl did. It looks good and is easy to clean. It gives new life to an old table and keeps me from wanting to buy a new card table. This is good since we have two tables and they both needed recovering. It keeps them both out of the landfill.

talk to you later,



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Today is all about Table Covers

Today is all about table covers as I work to create table cloths for the craft show. I have a wide variety of  fabrics and textures to use and I need to figure out a way to use them creatively without buying anything new. My supplies consist of

  • burlap. real burlap bags that I have washed and dried three times
  • canvas …left over from sewing the slip covers on the couch
  • a white bedskirt that has eyelet ruffles and embroidery all in shades of white
  • white tulle left over from the wedding
  • off white and white muslin left over from a variety of crafts

I just need to figure out the most attractive fabric layout so I can stitch up these table cloths.. That is the challenge for today. We will see how it all goes together.

Today is all about Table Covers

Some bunting or banners would also work well in white and off white colors. We are working with neutral colors. We hope that these colors will stick in the background and all  the items to stand out more. The balance might be off color wise but I can’t tell until I lay out the colors and see.

I really don’t want to buy any more fabric but we will see how it looks when I’m done.

Talk to you later,




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What Did I get done in October


Last month I listed everything I got done day by day for the Christmas selling season and in preparation for the craft show. It helped me keep track of how I was doing and how much I had left. I always feel that I am not doing enough. This will be like a food diary; a true picture of how much I was getting done to prepare. I still have my to do list for the month.

  1. Make Menu and Grocery list
  2. sew buttons on cup cozies 
  3. Stiffen  all crochet ornaments
  4. cut out Tardis baby bibs
  5. cut out flannel baby bibs
  6. sew flannel baby bibs
  7. sew 37 cup cozies now cut out 
  8. Sew Tardis baby bibs
  9. add ribbons to all ornaments
  10. Crochet 4  men’s hats
  11. Crochet 2 Women’s rose hats
  12. Crochet 5 Granny Stripe Scarves
  13. Crochet 5 Granny Square Scarves
  14. Crochet stars
  15. Crochet hearts
  16. Sew 10 superhero capes
  17. Sew 10 aprons
  18. Cut out 8  aprons
  19. Organize my side of the maker space
  20. Sew 6 flannel baby blankets for crochet trim
  21. Sew pillow cases for crochet trim
  22. sew 3 craft show aprons
  23. Sew 20 burp cloths   I’ve currently sewn 16
  24. finish owl hats that need eyes, wings and beaks
  25. Sew tags on all the scarves and hats
  26. Anything else I can think of!

Oct 1.  Thursday

  • Sewed, topstitched and buttoned 57 cup cozies
  • Sewed eyes on Minion 6 minion hats, and 1 ninja turtle hat
  • Did the hand work on 7 heart ornaments

Oct. 2.  Friday

  • 20 minutes posting on Hootsuite

October 3 Saturday

  • Posted on Hootsuite

October 4 Sunday

  • took the day off and made cake!
  • listed 3 items on Handmade@Amazon

October 5 Monday

  • Listed 24 items on Handmade @Amazon
  • sewed patchwork bibs yellow 6 they are ready for batting and backing!
  • shipped order
  • dropped off hat…


  • sewed 10 patchwork bibs  (lots of work but they are really cute.)


  • Crocheted 2 hats 1 teal and 1 copper


  • Cut threads and finished quilting on patchwork baby bibs
  • Sold two adult blankets and 1 baby blanket


  • listed 10 baby blankets on Amazon/handmade

Saturday! Tons done today.

  • Figured out the craft show display
  • started painting some of the craft show display pieces
  • watched more of the Influence/Impact summit.
  • we have watched about 10 of the interviews so far and the knowledge we have gleaned is incredible. I love the fact that it is free!


  • Cut and pin Burp clothes
  • watch Influence and Impact Symposium
  • Crochet head band
  • work on crochet triangle scarf/shawl

Monday October 12 Columbus Day

  • Iron and sew burp cloths
  • I put the tags on and cut the threads
  • Finished three blanket scarves
  • watched Dave Ramsey on Influence and Impact
  • Started crocheting a hat
  • wove in the ends on the teal hat

And THEN the week happened….

Saturday and Sunday

  • worked on displays and floor plan for the craft fair.
  • Spent time with family and enjoyed the weekend.
  • Date night on Friday night and went to the Vintage Market Fair, twice! Once on Friday and once on Saturday.
  • I had breakfast with friends, lunch with my Daughter in law and Dinner with Dale. When I told him I had eaten every meal out. He said not to get used to it,  but we had a great date night.

It is now Monday again, the 19 of October!  :0)

  • 3 headbands finished
  • 1 scarfy shawl or shawly scarf
  • 1 sweater/poncho in reds/pinks/brown
  • crocheted/finished three hats, black/white, red/white, black/white, rust,
  • finished one owl hat

Tuesday October 20

  • Crocheted three hats
  • sewed tags on 30+ hats
  • took inventory of hats completed and tagged 67 hats total


  • wrote blog post
  • working on crochet hats
  • posted on hoot suite

Thursday October

  • Tagged and inventoried hats
  • put belly bands on cup cozies
  • sewed 10+ coffee press cozies
  • sewed hot pads

What Did I get done in OctoberThe guinea hens stopped by our house this morning.


Dale picked up d rings for me… they were the wrong size

Saturday October 24

  • cut out 10+ aprons and linings
  • Sewed 2 aprons
  • sewed 4 pot holders
  • cut apron straps
  • sewed buttons on 8 coffee press cozies

Sunday October 25

  • Did absolutely nothing for the business.
  • Switched all the kids beds around in Preparation for Thanksgiving.
  • Cleaned and vacuum the guest room and closet.

Monday October 26

We are getting close to the end of this month. I am doing a bad job of documenting my work. I am getting loads of sewing and business things done.

  • I got Square up and running again on my phone. It allows me to accept credit cards
  • cut out linings for aprons
  • cut out baby bibs
  • sewed 14 baby bibs
  • Set up Hootsuite for the week
  • sewed buttons on 3 coffee press cozies
  • received the order for d rings…. they were the wrong size
  • ordered more d rings online
  • crocheted one baby bow tie


  • top stitched 14 baby bibs
  • cut out baby bibs
  • sewed bow tie baby bibs
  • added snaps to baby bibs
  • Total number of bibs finished today (
  • cut out capes (
  • crocheted man’s hat

What Did I get done in October


  • sew capes
  • sew aprons
  • cut out superhero capes


  • Finished 12 capes with tags
  • Sew ties on aprons
  • Take a huge long nap followed by going to bed early and sleeping all night!

Friday the 30th of October

  • sew aprons
  • iron aprons
  • Compassion village
  • family game night with homemade pizza! The pizza was great and we started a new game. It was hugely funny or we were being silly.

What Did I get done in October

October 31st

Here we are right at the end of the month. I did get more done than I thought I did. I am starting a new list for November and I will get that posted soon.

Talk to you  later,











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Crochet Service Projects

Crochet Service projects are a great way to help others and it is the season to think of others. If you are unable to get out, you crochet or knit then there are many things you make to help others.

Here is my list, it isn’t everything that is out there in the crochet or knitting universe but it will get you started.

You can also check the Crochet Guild of America for their list of crochet for charity.

Crochet Service Projects

If these don’t have a chapter or donation center in your area, I am sure that there are local charities that will be glad for you to help. The local homeless shelters will be happy to accept scarves and hats for their donations. Women’s shelters will often accept donations of slippers, hats, and blankets. Local hospitals may accept premie hats, and blankets. You do need to be sure and contact them before you start. They may have rules on what they can accept or the type of yarns used. Our local women’s shelter will only accept donations of blankets if they have enough for everyone currently in the shelter. Be wise and make sure that they can actually use what you are wanting to create.

Crochet Service Projects

There are so many different ways that your stitching can warm and comfort others. Don’t get discouraged thinking that you can’t help others. Blankets and yarn items have been used for comfort for years. Keep up the good work!

Talk to you later,