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Recover your Card Table Tutorial

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It appears as though hubs and I have entered into the redo or maintain your stuff phase of life. My card tables were in sad shape after years of school projects and art projects. Simply covering them with tablecloths didn’t change the fact that they looked awful. I have had this little idea percolating in my mind for awhile.  I… Read more »

Today is all about Table Covers

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Today is all about table covers as I work to create table cloths for the craft show. I have a wide variety of  fabrics and textures to use and I need to figure out a way to use them creatively without buying anything new. My supplies consist of burlap. real burlap bags that I have washed and dried three times… Read more »

What Did I get done in October

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  Last month I listed everything I got done day by day for the Christmas selling season and in preparation for the craft show. It helped me keep track of how I was doing and how much I had left. I always feel that I am not doing enough. This will be like a food diary; a true picture of how much I was getting done… Read more »

Crochet Service Projects

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Crochet Service projects are a great way to help others and it is the season to think of others. If you are unable to get out, you crochet or knit then there are many things you make to help others. Here is my list, it isn’t everything that is out there in the crochet or knitting universe but it will… Read more »