Scrap Busting with Quilts

IMG_0994-001Quilts are a time honored way to use scraps. These quilts were made by the women in my family, Grandmothers and Great- Grandmothers and I think one Great-Great Grandmother.




This sun bonnet sue is one of my favorites.






My Grandma was a member of a quilting group. They would meet once a week or month and quilt the top of a member’s quilt.  It was a social time and also a time to get much needed work done. These quilts were made for use and they kept the family warm on the cold winter nights.  My Aunts can sit down and tell you where each piece of fabric came from. They came from a time when women made their own clothes and skill with a needle and thread was valued. My Mom taught me to sew and I am teaching my girls or at least making sure they learn the basics.  Sewing is expensive  these days unlike my Grandmothers’ days when everyone had to have some skill at sewing.

I have been thinking about sewing some quilts with my scraps. I have sewn one quilt top that is just strips of fabric but the more complicated patterns are calling to me. I need to baste all the layers together but I keep putting it off.

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# 47 of 100 items in 100 days!

I made these pretty pot holders for my daughter. I will store them for her until she needs them. She cut them out for her quilt and they were left over. They are  bright and colorful.



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100 items in 100 days: #30 – 35

We decorated the inside of these clear glass Christmas ornaments by adding crayon shavings and then melting them with a hair dryer. They were fun to make and now the box of six ornaments is gone out of my stash! We added them to the jar of sticks and hearts.

So this is # 30!



I crocheted these stars and snowflakes out of up cycled navy cotton yarn. I love the stars in the navy and they just need the hanging loops made. These would be #31-33. I would sell these in a set.IMG_1550

Then I tried these red and white stars. The red and white ragg cotton yarn is thicker than baker’s twine and I am not as pleased with these. This would be # 34 IMG_1551

These are made out the soft cotton yarn left overs that I use to edge the receiving blankets. It is soft and the colors are beautiful! This is #35IMG_1552The stars are out of baby blue wool yarn and the snowflakes out of crochet cotton. I love these together but I made a ton of the snowflakes as they were so easy. I easily have 20-30 of the snowflakes. These are # 36 and 37.

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Some Purse Organizers!

This post is just mostly photos today as I must run. Our oldest has his birthday dinner tomorrow and I have to get a bunch of things done. Life seems to be on fast forward these days. I sure wish it would slow down for a day or two.

These are all made out of up-cycled denim. They are fully lined and three of the bags have pleats in the bottom so they can stand up if they are full. I had great fun matching the different fabrics and of course the denim is soft. It feels really good in your hands.


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