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Christmas Countdown and the Holiday Sale

Here we are in full on  Christmas countdown mode and gearing up for the Holiday Sale. The days are shorter and filled with activities.  Music events, church, children’s programs in addition to work and living life.

It is always a rush to get the perfect gift for each and every person on our gift list. It is such a struggle to make sure that no one is forgotten or left out.


The Holiday Sale

There are some good sales happening at the Etsy Shop and also here on the blog in the next four weeks. This is the first 25% off any $20 or more purchase.  Everything handmade is on sale in the Etsy shop including the afghans. The patterns are on sale here and the Etsy shop. Take your pick and finish out your shopping! The last guaranteed Christmas arrival shipping day is the 16th of December.

Christmas Countdown and the Holiday Sale



I am recovering nicely and spent more than half the day sitting up and taking care of this and that computer chore.  I am feeling better and can’t wait to get downstairs and see the Christmas tree. It has been 2 weeks since I have navigated the stairs. Crutches and stairs with a half turn in them plus pain meds have worked to keep me upstairs. Tomorrow is the day that I finally will see the downstairs. I knew it had a been a long two weeks in bed (mostly) when one of the kids saw me sitting in the chair and said “Oh, you are sitting in a chair!” like it was some really strange event to see me anywhere but bed.  Everyone has been incredibly kind and helpful even when I am less than my best.

 Christmas Countdown and the Holiday Sale


I have had one little Grandchild visit in the past two weeks . He spent the time talking about Grandma’s big booboo (the boot instead of a cast.) I am  missing those little people desperately. I have not been up to seeing them but we do have a cookie decorating event coming up soon. So, I will get to see them then. I have had the crochet hook out after I finished up this sequined stocking that I had promised.

Christmas Countdown and the Holiday Sale

I am starting work on some Dinosaur hats as a little grandkids Christmas gift. They are receiving dinosaur tails for their Christmas gift from Grandma and Grandpa.

Christmas Countdown and the Holiday Sale

The tails velcro on and were custom made by the Etsy Shop- Kid Hub. Jennifer did a great job and everyone loves them. The hats are a fun add on to the tails and can be worn to pre-school even if the tails can’t. Imagination stretching gifts are my favorite gift to give.

Kid Hub


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Talk to you later,


P.S. What are you shopping for this year? Are you crocheting any gifts? How is your Christmas Countdown going?

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