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Fall Update

It is time for the Fall Update. I have been really slow writing these days and if you read down you will find out why. I started writing this in October and now it is November.

Truthfully, I haven’t been in the studio much this month as our time has been spent painting in our house. I have taken my time and painted slowly and steadily over the past two weeks. October is flying past, much as it has in past years. The time just seems to get away from me.

Pumpkin Patch
Fall Update

Things have been slower this month in the crochet world for the studio. We have been taking some much needed time off for family, house chores and simply recharging our batteries. The first time that time off has happened in October since 2007 when the Etsy shop first opened. Time off that was well spent and much needed. It is too easy to get on the treadmill of life and just never slow down or get off. We went with the grandkids to the pumpkin patch.Fall Update

House Painting

The painting is finished and while there are many other big chores around the house that need to be finished, I feel almost ready to tackle life again.

Fall Update

The awful 80’s grey is finally leaving the room.

Our youngest daughter helped with the painting during her Fall break from school.

Fall Update

New Patterns

Here it is almost November and I have just started crocheting again after almost three weeks. There are some patterns coming out in the next week that will be easy and quick for Christmas gifts. This will be hitting the shops this week!

Fall Update


Yarn Bowl Winner

The winner of the yarn bowl is Julie from Texas. Julie- your yarn bowl is on the way!



I’ve had some health issues crop up so if I am gone more than normal don’t give up on the blog. Keep checking in and things will be running more normally later on this year (nothing serious, just really slowing me down.) I’ll be keeping in touch more via Instagram for the next little while. I will send out an email when I get back to the blog.

Talk to you later,


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