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Life is Weird

Life is just weird, fun but weird. Who knows when I will finally be comfortable in my business as an artist and crocheter. Things keep changing and I keep hoping that a 9-5 will be in my future. It would after all be much easier. This does not seem to be the plan right now so here we are.

Me- a rather reluctant artist doing fun things all the time with paint, fabric and yarn. Who wouldn’t love to have the opportunity to do what I am currently doing.

You- reading this blog and wondering what on earth is going on. Is this a painting blog or a crochet blog? Why can’t she make up her mind?

The siren call of a regular paycheck and regular hours calls to me frequently. Enough about this drama that unfolds when frustrations run high. That is all that it is frustration with the job. We all have it.

Bear with me and keep reading. Normal life and crochet should be happening at some point in the very near future. I hope!


Painting has been happening more than crochet. I must admit that right now getting up and around with painting seems to be easier on the body than sitting and crocheting. Netflix is letting me down lately and staying at home for large blocks of time just isn’t appealing. The kids art table is quickly getting finished  and will be up for sale on Facebook marketplace. Shipping is an issue but if you are interested-contact me and we can work something out.


The Sea glass stool is ready for it’s protective finish and the legs are staying unpatterned and simply painted.


Two chairs were dropped off to (hopefully) find new homes earlier this month.


Patterns are being posted on Craftsy that have already been listed up in the studio shop and also Etsy. If you prefer to shop from a well known platform then Craftsy is the place right now as the patterns cost less than the Etsy shop.  New ideas are floating through my mind as I am working hard to clear the studio so that the Christmas quilts can be finished and the crochet can find its rightful place again. The urge to create a big scrap blanket or start some fiddley squares with lots of color changes is starting to grow again. I’ve been crocheting pretty constantly for 5 years and it’s easy to get burned out. Sometimes you need to recharge your creativity by doing other things. This time the burn out has lasted and lasted. I haven’t picked up a crochet hook in almost 3 months now, except to answer customer questions.

Studio Update

Moving the studio was hard and organizing it has been difficult. There isn’t as much room as I hoped. The (three crafts/art/hobbies/work) whatever you want to call it, all take an unreasonable amount of space and don’t work well all together at the same time. Paint doesn’t mix well with anything else and just takes time to dry. Fabric and yarn work well together but both are space hogs. It’s coming around but still not organized the way I need it to be. The handyman at my house is still recovering from shoulder surgery. I’m driving Mom to dr’s appointments, and playing with the grandkids from time to time, so studio time just isn’t happening frequently. Life, though fun, is just getting in the way of studio time.


There is now a table, in the small empty spot in the middle of the room.  The cutting table is here where the grey table is in the lower right hand corner. It is hard to get the studio up and running just right when it is trying to fill so many different needs.


What can I say? Life is just weird, really weird right now. Life is just blazing past like cars on the highway and I just standing there. Hang in there if you want to hear about crochet. There is the feeling in the air of some crochet happening really, really soon. The paint just needs to stop first as paint and yarn don’t  mix!


Talk to you later,





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