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Moving the Studio

Moving the studio from all over the house to one set room is taking longer than expected. It has added an element of chaos to my life. Our oldest daughter moved to her own place several weeks ago and the studio has been¬† in the process of slowly gathering into one place. There are still some extra furniture bits in the room and it has slowed the transition down. I’m also walking more every day, trying to build up some strength and endurance. It is really slow going.

Easter was beautiful but cold. The traditional egg hunt was in the house instead of outside. Here are a few photos of some of the creative things that I have been doing since the hands were out of commision for crochet.


Moving the Studio

This watercolor was fun and I was just playing around with the paints. The colors remind me of the triangle afghan below in almost the exact same colors.

Moving the Studio

The triangle crochet blanket is coming along. It is in that “I hate to work on it” phase as it feels as though it will take forever. The flowers were cut out of a water color page and make a lovely bouquet.

Moving the Studio

Moving the Studio

Last but not least I have been sewing the binding down on Mom’s quilt for her as her eyes can’t do the fine work anymore. I have to admit that this quilt has been sitting around waiting until my new glasses came in as I couldn’t see the eyes in the needle to thread them any more.

The New Studio

The studio now has a closet and a lovely big window. I can’t wait to show you the whole room when it gets more organized. I had to go ahead and move one of my work tables in as I am painting a couple of chairs. They are looking good and should be at the consignment shop later next week if we get a break in the weather.

This crochet blanket is next on the horizon and I can’t wait to get it finished as well. April may be the month for finishing up projects.

Moving the Studio


Changes keep coming into my life.  Some of the changes make me uncomfortable and some of the changes are for the better. The studio is changing as I try to organized ALL the YARN and projects. Plus bring in some other creative endeavors into the same room. The past few months have felt a little stagnant until I remembered that I do best when I am working in a variety of mediums. This gives my hands a break and allows me to be creative in other mediums. I will be posting more of these here for you to see. There are so many projects partially finished that the next few months will be filled with pattern writing and getting these patterns written and in the shops.

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