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Christmas gifts for teachers

Do you ever wonder what to give people that you don’t know very well? People that you see every day but you really don’t know. People that deserve recognition but you do not know well enough for a more personal gift choice. There are many options out there for you to explore.  People like your children’s teachers, co-workers, music teachers, the list is endless.

Jewelry is usually a good choice. Gift cards or gift certificates are always a good choice.

Scarves are also a great choice, hand made scarves are a wonderful way to show that you care about them.

Candles are a great option for most women, especially hand made candles from a small artisan shop.

You know that these candles are made in America.

I have purchased from Monicandles and she has great candles.

PepperCrate candles have a great scent and her candles are local! So for a quick gift (for those Oklahomans) her candles are a great buy.

Last but not least for the Coffee addicts in the world.

You can also buy a cup of their favorite brew wrap a fun cup cozy around it and present it with a cheerful Merry Christmas!

Stay out of the big box stores and buy from artists and artisans that take pride in their work. You will be glad you did, so will the gift recipient.

Have a very merry Christmas this year and don’t stress the gift buying.

’till next time

when we talk about inexpensive Christian gift ideas!


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The Studio at Chocolate Dog Studio!

I know that you are wondering what the studio look like. Well, I recently  moved the studio into it’s own room and here it is; a few camera shots of the true studio (well, minus all the projects that normally sit out on the counters!)

 The Studio at Chocolate Dog Studio!

The yarn bin was made out of old coffee cans. It works quite well. The dolls were given to me when I was little by my Dad. Underneath this is my cutting and packaging center.

The Studio at Chocolate Dog Studio!

  The blue trays work well as organizers for all of the tiny pieces I put on gift tags and cards.

The Studio at Chocolate Dog Studio!

 The sewing center is full of fabric organized by color. These are the cozy fabrics. The larger pieces are in a big 50 gallon plastic bin.  My studio doubles as our guest room so you don’t see the futon on the opposite wall, nor do you see the computer station on DH’s computer desk. These photos were taken by He is our oldest son, he also painted the large painting of the cat you see in one of the photos.

Thanks for reading!

’till later, Karen

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New products at Chocolatedogstudio!

Here is just a little peek at some new items available at


I have been working incredibly hard all week. The items shown are the tip of the iceberg and I hope to bring more to the store daily. Please check back in and see what else is new. Listing new items and creating them are often vying for my time. I find that I usually have far more items created than listed! I have been on a very creative binge this week. New ideas are flowing and it is difficult to stop at night. So I am off to the studio to do more work. (I have a studio now and will show pictures very soon as the  photographer that lives at my house has agreed to take them today. If I can get it cleaned up again!) As always feel free to contact me if you want something that I have already sold or need something custom.

Till later,


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Chocolatedogstudio’s new gift tags!


 New Gift tags in time for the holidays or birthdays!




There are more at come and take a look! There is a special sale for blog readers: All gift tags 50 cents off! Just type “Blog Reader” in the buyers comments and I will refund your paypal, of course you have to leave a comment on this blog post as well, this is good until the 17 of November. :0)