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Memories, memories

Memories are unrestrained, they pop into our heads at the most inopportune times. A certain smell may take you back to the memory of  your Grandparents home. Another time it may be a song that reminds you of your first date. The mention of a certain kind of food or just a phrase that is used can drag up memories that you didn’t think still remained in your brain. Is it an easy thing to remember the past; sometimes. Other times the feelings it dregs up can be whimsical; like the memories of games you played as a child all the way to hurtful memories. This post is to pull out some of the fun memories that these pictures invoke for me.

West bend cannister set

Aren’t these great. I know for a fact that the Sugar cannister will hold a full bag of sugar!

These are from

My mom has had these cannisters in her kitchen and I love them! 

Gunne Saxe formal

This dress is from

I wore this dress or a dress just like it to one of my first formals, without the headband and minus the boots. IT was also in the 80’s not the 70’s.

Green glass coffee cups

I think both my Grandma’s had mugs like these. I remember everyone sitting

around after dinner and drinking coffee in the shade of the trees outside. is the place to look at these mugs

I remember learning to read from books a lot like this one!

School book

I found this school book here:

Well, that is enough of the trip down memory lane. I found this vintage clothing

store yesterday and sent the link to my Mom.   This one was both one of our

favorites, though it is before my time.

Vintage dress

Beautiful dresses of all sizes and era’s.

Time keeps passing by quickly.

Thanks for reading this trip down memory lane.