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New items in Chocolatedogstudio!

New Items in Chocolatedogstudio at Etsy!
This is one of my newest purses! Up cycled and reworked into this cute purse!
I have already listed these great pincushions. I have more that I am going to list soon!

Here are some of my new items!

This is a great tote bag/purse created out of a synthetic suede. It is so soft!
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What is a BnR treasury?

What is a BnR treasury?

First it is a treasury where you can buy and then the item you bought will be replaced by an item from your store. Pretty quick and easy promoting.  You can get a lot of views for your shop and it helps to get your shop name out of there. Here are some tips!

There is usually a curator. You want to buy into a BnR where the curator is active and participating  in the BnR. Sometimes things at home happen and the curator will be out of the BnR for awhile. That is ok, but if you have limited funds to spend to buy in then you need to be sure that the one you are buying into is one that will be curated well.

There are rules to the BnR and you need to be sure to follow them. They are usually listed at the beginning of the BnR

Here are some examples of a set of rules from the BnR.


1-Comment and Click each picture and PROMOTE your shop, too through out the duration of this bnr(especially if you are featured).
2-If you buy,(don’t have to be a cast member to purchase) give who you bought from and what it was(link).
3-Only $1.00 min. buy in(can be a pif if it is $1.00).
4-I’m going to try and keep this open until 7:00pmEST.


Here is another example:




1 ) Buy any item from featured shop( No PIF )
2) Announce who are you buying from.
3) Come back and post transaction link.
4) I will pick an item from your shop and replace with the featured shop.



See they tell you exactly what to do. Sometimes you ask permission from the curator and sometimes not. Sometimes the Buy in is more $ and sometimes not.

If you are trying to get your feedback rating up  then it helps to have some lower priced items in your shop. Be sure and follow through with any buyers. Send them a convo to let them know when you will ship their item and how much you appreciate their business.  You need to stay involved in the BnR and help promote it. This is not a post and run  activity. You need to stick around and comment on other shop’s items. The pages will change as the BnR progresses, post your BnR specials on each page and it will help keep the BnR current.

I think that this is about it!

Do you have anything to add about BnR’s treasuries? I would love to hear what you have to say.

talk to you later,