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Home school burnout!

I shared parts of this article with out homeschool group and I will add the suggestions that other mom’s have made. Their suggestions will be in italics! I have edited it as the rest of the world does not know  the people who might be mentioned!

BURNOUT, words that hit home schooling moms where it hurts. Burnout happens for a number of reasons. I think the biggest reason for burnout is homeschool moms are holding 2-4 full time jobs and non-homeschool people do not realize this.

I mean, really; if you were in a building (not  your home) and taught other people’s children for the amount of time you teach yours it would be a full time job! We as homeschool moms do that, work in our churches, keep our homes up and often nurture parents or children with health issues. Many times homeschool mom’s have a cottage industry that enables them to stay home in the first place. So it is no wonder that we burn out in the job that we have the most passion about! Then top this off with friends and family that think that because you stay home you have time for their special projects! Yes, we love to help our families and friends but we also need to practice saying one little word “no” topped off with “I am sorry, but I just can’t add anything to my plate right now”!

I have been really familiar with burnout. I hope that these things will help you, and it will remind me what I have learned through the on again off again homeschooling years.  We have schooled our children through public, private, and homeschooling methods. I have been a stay home mom, a paycheck mom, a home school mom and just about everything in between!

I seem to hit burnout when the kids transition from the fun times of Elementary to the more strenuous  curriculum of Middle and High school. When my students no longer think I am like the pied piper or the tooth fairy! When “Mom” is no longer the preferred person and becomes the person to question as “Mom” can and does make mistakes. Also guess what! She no longer knows all of the answers to all of their questions or even how to help them with their Math (yes, in my life Math gets a capital letter)!  This is normal and a natural part of them fledging into secure adults. We really wouldn’t want them to not question everything someone tells them! So they have to practice with us. :0)

 So here is my list.

Get  your rest! Get regular sleep. 

Enlist the troops to help clean and maintain and cook. 

Lighten the load and make them responsible for their school work. As they get older take that monkey off of your back and share it with your kids! :0) 

Take Mental health days (that is what regular classroom teachers call a day off from teaching) otherwise known as time off for Mom.

 Don’t over schedule your time. Sure everything sounds great and looks great on paper but might not be good in real time.  Plan for the car to break down and what about lunch times or traffic jams.

 Do things for you! Read, take a Bible study class, exercise. In other words do something besides eat, breathe and think home school! 

Shake things up! If you are normally a really scheduled person, then unscheduled yourself for a couple of days, IF you are a unscheduled person tighten up the schedule a  little. Do school somewhere else in the house, on the patio,  at a park, or at the library! Have school in your pajamas or in your  clothes if you normally do school in your pj’s! lol 

If one subject is your struggle then delegate it to someone else, find a tutor, trade off babysitting and let someone else teach THAT class that you doesn’t light your fire. 

If all of the classes are an issue with one student or even several in your house then check for learning glitches. Hidden learning issues, like dysgraphia, ADD, dyslexia, discalcula, and other learning problems can cause serious problems in your homeschool. These learning problems can be overcome or worked with to help your child succeed. 

 Get your kids eyes and ears checked!   

Most of all Spend time with God and listen to your husband. They will tell you when you are over scheduling your life. 

Before you toss your Bob Jones or Abeka curriculum for something less structured like Lap books or learning games. Remember that you can cut up the books and use the parts for your lap books and posters. There is good information in them!

Start a new curriculum right at the end of the year. (I do use this strategy. I find that it brings enough of the fun back to learning especially when co-op classes are finished but the other classes are not!)

Date your husband passionately! (Suggestion from  L.S.  Thanks L.S.) 

I hope that this helps you. I know that writing it down has helped me greatly!

Now I just need to put this somewhere I can find it when I hit burnout! LOL

Have a great home school day and may the end of the year find you excited and interested in what you are doing!


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It is Friday!

Hi all,

I am so glad that it is Friday. Friday means a bunch of driving. Driving kids to this or that activity. Fridays used to mean a movie night, stay home, eat pizza, and relax. Now Friday means driving three kids in three different directions all about the same time. I am still glad that it is Friday! So at our house Thursday is the new Friday! We now eat pizza, watch movies and relax on Thursday night. This is a great thing. I  originally started this because we were done with out homeschool co-op classes across town and on Fridays we could relax and hang out. We would still of course get the school work done but any day that we actually get to stay home and just be is worthy of celebrating.

The busyness of life is just taking over, I keep reminding myself that it is simply  the stage of parenting that we are in. Teenagers require a lot of  activities. They go places and do things and it often means we are right in there with them.

I am excited for  summer to get here and at the same time a little worried as the busyness of life will also follow us into that season.

Do you have any thoughts on how to keep the busyness of life slowed down?

Write me a comment and let me know!

See you all later,


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Memories, memories

Memories are unrestrained, they pop into our heads at the most inopportune times. A certain smell may take you back to the memory of  your Grandparents home. Another time it may be a song that reminds you of your first date. The mention of a certain kind of food or just a phrase that is used can drag up memories that you didn’t think still remained in your brain. Is it an easy thing to remember the past; sometimes. Other times the feelings it dregs up can be whimsical; like the memories of games you played as a child all the way to hurtful memories. This post is to pull out some of the fun memories that these pictures invoke for me.

West bend cannister set

Aren’t these great. I know for a fact that the Sugar cannister will hold a full bag of sugar!

These are from

My mom has had these cannisters in her kitchen and I love them! 

Gunne Saxe formal

This dress is from

I wore this dress or a dress just like it to one of my first formals, without the headband and minus the boots. IT was also in the 80’s not the 70’s.

Green glass coffee cups

I think both my Grandma’s had mugs like these. I remember everyone sitting

around after dinner and drinking coffee in the shade of the trees outside. is the place to look at these mugs

I remember learning to read from books a lot like this one!

School book

I found this school book here:

Well, that is enough of the trip down memory lane. I found this vintage clothing

store yesterday and sent the link to my Mom.   This one was both one of our

favorites, though it is before my time.

Vintage dress

Beautiful dresses of all sizes and era’s.

Time keeps passing by quickly.

Thanks for reading this trip down memory lane.