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More About Color Theory

color theory

This week we are talking more about color theory and yarn. This is still a really hard topic to write about. I’ll say it again. Color is complicated. Color theory is making advances and changing. Computer drawing, printing, and photography have really changed how we see color. Adding simple filters on your phone camera (or within the editing platform after you take the photo) can warm up or cool down the pictures. This has made us more aware of how we can cause changes in color. The traditional color theory described in this post is tried and true over time. These are traditional color schemes as taught to most interior design and art students.

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Noelle’s Blanket Pattern

Noelle's Blanket

Here, finally, is Noelle’s Blanket pattern. If you’re a regular reader, you know that I finished this in the Challenge last month. What you don’t know is that I also finally finished writing the pattern. You can now make your own Noelle’s Blanket. Which is great! It is so much fun to see this blanket coming together as you make it.

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Making New Habits

Flower Garden Scrap Afghan

Several good things have happened due to the Use Your Stash Challenges 2017, besides the obvious of using up stash yarn or finishing up projects. One of those things is it made me aware of several bad habits I have had. Had, because I am changing them and making new habits in my life.

Those pesky bad habits aren’t going to be comfortable anymore. Working to kick them out can be a struggle, but it is worth it when the new habit is one that I want to keep.

Struggling is what makes us grow. So, if there is a struggle in creating new habits then I can rest in the knowledge that I am doing the right thing.

Wait. Does that sound right? If it is hard, then are you doing the right thing?

The answer is Yes (most of the time).

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The Ombre Granny Stripe Baby Afghan

Ombre Granny Stripe Baby Afghan

This blanket has been a long-time coming. Making baby blankets for those soft little bundles of love is so much fun! It has been fun. I have several new baby blankets coming out soon which are quick and easy to make. My first project worthy of “giving” was a ripple baby blanket for a Sunday school teacher. She was expecting her first child and I picked out the yarn and spent nights crocheting it. Baby blankets are quick and less intimidating than full-size blankets.

The Ombre Granny Stripe Baby Afghan

This was so fun to make; I started it during the Use Your Stash Challenge 2017, so you have seen bits and pieces of it.

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