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The Ombre Granny Stripe Baby Afghan

Ombre Granny Stripe Baby Afghan

This blanket has been a long-time coming. Making baby blankets for those soft little bundles of love is so much fun! It has been fun. I have several new baby blankets coming out soon which are quick and easy to make. My first project worthy of “giving” was a ripple baby blanket for a Sunday school teacher. She was expecting her first child and I picked out the yarn and spent nights crocheting it. Baby blankets are quick and less intimidating than full-size blankets.

The Ombre Granny Stripe Baby Afghan

This was so fun to make; I started it during the Use Your Stash Challenge 2017, so you have seen bits and pieces of it.

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Understanding Color Theory in Yarn

color theory in yarn

This post is titled Understanding Color Theory in Yarn, but the original title was Finding Your Passion. It was long. And wordy. Overall, boring. Already there were three strikes against it! Then I read over it again and realized there was no mention of crochet in it at all. What was I thinking?! Lately, I have been reading some really great, uplifting posts by some of my favorite blog authors and it resulted in me trying to be someone I’m not. Enough of the boring stuff; onto the crochet stuff! Well, yarn at least, and specifically, color theory in yarn. Continue reading Understanding Color Theory in Yarn

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What I Learned and What I Finished

Today is the last day of the Use Your Stash Challenge 2017, and I’d like to share with you what I learned–and, of course, what I finished. Looking back at the 32 days of the challenge, I have to admit I thought I would use more yarn. I seem to have worked more on half-finished things rather than the huge yarn stash sitting in my studio.

So, the bad news is that I still have a large stash.

The good news is I’m no longer storing half-finished projects, nor letting them take up space in my mind or my storage bins.

To be honest, I feel like I have climbed Mount Everest. My creative juices are at an all time high! Yet, my crocheting muscles are tired. I haven’t crocheted at all today. I’m just really drained. Continue reading What I Learned and What I Finished

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Recap of Projects Completed During the Challenge So Far

one of many projects completed

I may actually reach all of my goals for completing unfinished projects and I am super happy! Hubs is happy about all the projects completed, too!

The “WIPs-to-do” stack is definitely smaller and the yarn is being used in a very visible way.

I’d like to show you the two newest completions, and also a recap of my list of to-do’s which I posted at the beginning of the Challenge last month.

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