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A Question About Gauge, and a New Pattern: Ocean Waves Scarf

I have had a reader pose an interesting question about gauge.

“What do you do if your gauge is right across the crochet swatch in the number of stitches but short up and down in the number of rows?”

There are two different solutions to try if you have this problem.

Solution #1

First, I would think about elongating your stitches up and down. Crochet just a bit looser.

I had a question about gauge

Have a question about gauge?

The yellow crochet (pictured above) in Stylecraft Special DK is 4 rows per inch. I made a concerted effort to make my stitches longer than in the brown section where there are only 3 1/4 rows per inch. Over time this would make a difference in your gauge. It would change the fit of any garment you make. The smaller and shorter the stitch, the more rows and stitches it will take to create the same size item. These samples were both crocheted on the same day in half double crochet.

Solution #2

Think about sizing up one hook size instead of two. The larger hook size might just make the difference for you in the vertical measurements.

CDS answers a question about gauge.

As you can see the white portion of this swatch is just a smidge wider than the yellow portion. This variance in hook size can affect the overall size of your finished item. But, the difference is so slight that it could be blocked out.

Here's a question about gauge.


I answered a question about gauge today.

The yellow swatch has 4 rows and the white portion has 3 rows. Moving up a hook size can add the row height you are needing to finish a project. However, you need to make your own swatches as yarn, tension and even your stress level can affect the gauge of your crocheting.

Keep in mind that you need to make your own swatches before you begin a project. Yarn, tension, and even your stress level can affect the gauge of your crocheting.

I hope this helps you.

If You Still Have a Question About Gauge

If you need more help than this I suggest you find an independent yarn shop and ask for some specialized help. If you haven’t bought your yarn at their shop, be aware that you might have to pay for assistance.

Ocean Waves Scarf

The Ocean Waves Scarf is my newest pattern. I loved crocheting this scarf. It is such a quick project and the pattern is so easy to follow.

I chose to use a brightly colored yarn for this instead of the Ocean blues and greens. I also worked up some samples of how the scarf would look in other colors. You can find the pattern in the shop.

Man’s Best Friend

As I walked into the entry this morning I was met with two of my best friends. Best friends with insatiable appetites and horrible manners.

Man's best friends

One loaf of bread and a sleeve of saltines later, they were quite happy to come and find me.

I guess someone left this gate down and they had a wonderful breakfast.

Talk to you  later,


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