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Recap of Projects Completed During the Challenge So Far

one of many projects completed

I may actually reach all of my goals for completing unfinished projects and I am super happy! Hubs is happy about all the projects completed, too!

The “WIPs-to-do” stack is definitely smaller and the yarn is being used in a very visible way.

I’d like to show you the two newest completions, and also a recap of my list of to-do’s which I posted at the beginning of the Challenge last month.

Projects Completed Recap

  1. Finish the hexagonal afghan.

    DONE!! You may recall, I only needed to crochet 2-3  hexis, rip out several rows of joining to get it straighter, plus add a border.  First of many projects completed

  2. Use odd granny squares and complete an afghan.

    DONE!! Remember, I already had most of these squares crocheted up to about 4-6 rounds.projects completed 2017

  3. Create something from the black granny squares.

    DONE!! The granny squares were completed I just needed to figure out what to do with them. I decided to make a purse. Isn’t it beautiful? I recycled old purse handles and metal rings that I had on hand. I like the commercially bought handles as the crocheted ones tend to stretch. (So, this knocks out three birds with one stone: fabric, granny squares and purse handles are all from my stash. Have I mentioned how extensive my stash is? It is overwhelming when I think about it.)purse completed
    I lined it with a lovely fern-print, cotton fabric, and I added a phone pocket on the inside as well as a large snap to keep it closed. This purse is for me and I can’t wait to start using it!
    Completed projects

  4. Create a pillow cover with some leftover squares.

    DONE!! You may recall I had a pillow form that needed a cover. I squared the flowers and completed the front and the back of this pillow.  completed project

  5. Finish a baby afghan.

    DONE!! This has been sitting around waiting on time and energy. I had to crochet 33 little squares, join them all together and add the borders.another project completed

  6. Crochet a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle hat for my grandson.

    This was an attempt to use up some stash, so I started the hat and planned to work on it until completion. It wasn’t long before I knew I might not have enough yarn, but I chose to get as much done as possible. I need more yarn to finish this one! almost completed

  7. Crochet a couple of baby afghans.

    I started this baby blanket, as well as another. I’m not sure I will get either of them done, but I will sure try my hardest. work-in-progress

  8. Start and finish a corner-to-corner blanket.

    I have not started this yet.

  9. Crochet a bowl!

    I have not started this yet, eithier.

What About You?

Tell us what you have accomplished! What projects have you completed during the Use Your Stash Challenge 2017? Have you posted photos on the Pinterest board yet? We’d love to see what’s on your hook!

Talk to you later,


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