Find Your Voice

Find your voice, find out who you are. These are both phrases that designers and artists hear constantly. This is somewhat true. I say somewhat because true artists change and grow. I would use the word evolve but I think it is over used these days. I like the word grow because it is a truer picture of what we are doing as artists. Perhaps it is a choice determined by marketplace. We have to make a choice based on economics,

what we are creating isn’t selling, or the market is flooded. Many times artists grow as they master advanced techniques or decide to grow in a particular direction. Almost all artists struggle with paying bills and making creations that will sell. I say almost because there are the few that create for themselves, but they will at some point run out of room on their walls for more paintings and you can only wear so many scarves or hats.

So, the problem is how do we listen to the marketplace and still be true to the artist inside us. It is a fine line. The bottom line for me is do I enjoy creating it (whatever “it” is) and are people willing to purchase my creations.  I have read the Quit your Day Job posts on Etsy. I have read many of them over the years and the thought throughout all of the posts is “Follow your passion”. Are you passionate about what you are creating? Would you create it regardless of what the world says? How to make it marketable is another question for another day. So find your voice, create what makes you happy. Why spend your time making things that you do not have a passion about! Why create things that make you frustrated or worried. Your joy in creating and your passion in your art will translate itself into sales. If you wonder why on earth anyone would pay for “it”, you should not be trying to sell “it”. If you create something and then say “I love it” this is great. I have such a hard time selling this because I love it so much. Then you are on the right track.

Talk to you later,


Do you agree or disagree?


Organizing for Summer

I am an artist…but I am also a Mom. I am running a small business but I also have to put meals on the table, do shopping and have fun with the kids this summer. Today, I keep waffling between organizing the studio, organizing my kitchen, planning summer activities for the kids, and getting meals planned and made. Since today I have planned, scheduled and paid for the summer activities; drivers ed, and some fun computer classes, cake decorating for kids, a craft class or two and I have looked at the free tennis lessons available in our area. So that part of life is planned. I looked at my friend’s    summer bucket list for her family, adapted and changed it to fit our family. I swapped tea party and blowing bubbles with hot dog roasts/bonfire at the state park, and making banana splits. I have worked in the studio for a couple of hours this morning, sewing, cleaning, sorting and putting away.

So I guess this leaves, getting meals planned,  freezer meals made. Which is harder since we have gone gluten free. We already had a ton of food sensitivities and allergies to cook around. The biggest ones being tree nuts, fish and MSG. The meal thing is huge at our house as we have teenagers and they eat and in an hour they are hungry again. It feels as though we spend huge amounts of time thinking about, preparing and cleaning up the kitchen. Freezer cooking is a way around worrying about what we are going to have for dinner. I have several substitutes for the canned soups that are in some of our favorite recipes, and for the breads which are in others. I think that we will make

I am thinking this is a great start as it uses items we have on hand. I will have to put off all the items that require hash browns. So that will leave pizza crust, freezer coleslaw apple crisp, crockpot refried beans, energy bites, and GF peanut butter cookies.

Tomorrow is another day and I hope to get more done on this then.

Talk to you later,