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Noelle’s Blanket Pattern

Noelle's Blanket

Here, finally, is Noelle’s Blanket pattern. If you’re a regular reader, you know that I finished this in the Challenge last month. What you don’t know is that I also finally finished writing the pattern. You can now make your own Noelle’s Blanket. Which is great! It is so much fun to see this blanket coming together as you make it.

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Recap of Projects Completed During the Challenge So Far

one of many projects completed

I may actually reach all of my goals for completing unfinished projects and I am super happy! Hubs is happy about all the projects completed, too!

The “WIPs-to-do” stack is definitely smaller and the yarn is being used in a very visible way.

I’d like to show you the two newest completions, and also a recap of my list of to-do’s which I posted at the beginning of the Challenge last month.

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Staying on Track: Use Your Stash Challenge 2017

Staying on Track

Another day, another project in the Use Your Stash Challenge 2017! This one I have been putting off for at least two years–maybe more, considering the baby I made the first one for is now four-years-old. This is such a beautiful baby blanket, I couldn’t resist starting another one–but that was years ago. If you’re like me and find that staying on track isn’t always easy, this post will be an encouragement to you.

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2 Crochet Baby Blankets

I seem to be on a roll these days crocheting baby blankets. I started this blue and white one before Christmas and then moved on to this grey one. They are both beautiful but I have to admit that I prefer the blue and white one. I have no idea why, well, it might be because I was using a new pattern with the grey one and had to frog it back 9 rows a couple of times.

2 Crochet Baby Blankets 2 Crochet Baby Blankets 2 Crochet Baby Blankets 2 Crochet Baby Blankets

I do like the almost houndstooth print of the this grey blanket. I also like that it could work with either a boy baby or a girl baby. This makes it a perfect gift for someone that doesn’t know which gender they are having.  They are both crocheted out of soft acrylic yarn and will wash well. You will be able to find them at ChocolatesBabyShop on Friday of this week!

These are also crocheted out of my stash and will make items 16 and 17 for the Use Your Stash Challenge. So I did make progress last week and things are marching on with the challenge. I also spent some time carefully cutting out some quilt projects. I was being careful of my back so I didn’t get much sewing done but I am working on other projects.

I started a new baby blanket yesterday and I have made good progress. I hope to get it finished this week as well. It is in shades of purple. If you are following me on Instagram you have seen that it looks like this.

2 Crochet Baby Blankets

The colors are a bit off as I took this photo with my cell phone after dark. Which really changes how the colors look.

Talk to you later,