Introducing the Red Granny Square

Here it is… I have given you brief glimpses of the red granny square blanket. I have finally finished it and here it is!






It is beautiful, warm, cuddly and bright! I love the bright red around each square. I started it wondering if it could possibly be as pretty as the others I have seen on the internet. Yes, yes it can! This afghan is crocheted out of soft acrylic Stylecraft DK yarn. I am not sure how many skeins I used since I started the beginning rings ages ago. It is a bit of a scrap afghan but the colors are beautiful. You can find it in the shop here:

Talk to you later,


From the Archives

Time sure is speeding by quickly. We took a little trip home so the kids could go to prom. A promise kept. We had promised that we would take them to prom when we moved. We are looking forward to a graduation and another little trip. It seems just yesterday that I completed these beauties, well I thought they were pretty at the time. They are all crocheted out of acrylic yarn.

Here are a few photos of vintage crochet I completed back when I was in 9th grade or so.

That is the second granny square that I had made. The first had the bright yellow as the outside border and looked awful as the squares were all different sizes. I hadn’t figured out that different size hooks would make different size squares by the time I made this one, I had figured it out.

I completed this one the same year. I am sure that you can tell that the stripes use the same yarn as the granny square afghan. This was my original pattern and each corner had a red tassel.  We were travelling a lot that year and I was able to bring my projects along in the car. These were well used afghans and the stripey one was a favorite for naps as it wasn’t too heavy.

Here is a bit of what I have been working on this year. I have one afghan close to being finished and it is calling to me. I am doing the finish work on the border and I can’t wait to get done. I have another in the starting and it still isn’t bigger than a napkin. The starting stages are fun because it can travel with me. The bigger sizes take a whole lot of movie watching.

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Yarn goodies and New Item Ideas!


Yes, I have been doing some research for new items in the shops. Pinterest has been my downfall. There are so many crocheted goodies on pinterest that I am in love with Yarn….. AGAIN! When I originally opened my shop I was making crocheted goodies like hats, scarves, shawls and items like this. They weren’t really selling, probably because I had no feedback. I have been looking at these wonderful little items and just falling in love all over again. Isn’t that afghan gorgeous doesn’t it make you want to wrap up in it on a cold dreary day and drink something warm and wonderful!

All that  beautiful crocheted yarn goodness. Wow, I have been in serious curiousity about whether I can create something as beautiful as these. Then there is this blog site full of wonderful colors and beautiful yarn!

I love all of Attic24’s pages. They are bright, cheerful and she has so many tips and tricks. It keeps inspiring me to try crocheting again. So I am and I hope to have some pictures up soon. My camera isn’t working so I am slow on new photos. I can’t wait to show you what I have been working on and what is in the works for the shop. I also have some great new items that are en route to the photographer and I should have those back soon!


See you all later.