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Piles of Blankets


Here is what I have been up to, besides dealing with a rotten cold…..

A new camera, which is a birthday gift and then also these wonderful afghans that have kept me warm while I worked on them! I have fallen back in love with yarn again and I am going to be listing these in the shop when I get to feeling a bit better. I am not sure of the size of the brown one and it might need to be a bit bigger than the lap size it is now. The others vary between lap size and throw sized.



Three are huge granny squares, the other is the one shown above. It is crocheted on the diagonal.


I have crocheted four since Christmas and I am have two more in process.



Finally this one in shades of brown and green. It reminds me of the Autumn leaves. They are all crocheted by me since Christmas!

Talk to you later!