Etsian Interview: EmmainWonderland

Emmain Wonderland lives in Surrey, England. She is a fine arts photogrpaher and has lovely photographs.

I am  going to let her tell us about her art in her own words!

A Fine Romance

1. Tell me a bit about yourself.
I’m a mummy to a 4-year-old and married. I’ve worked for many years as a part-time, semi-professional photographer and street theatre actor. I’m a committed Christian and my faith and photography have helped get me through years of mental illhealth.

2. Why and how did you get started in photography?
I’ve been a keen photographer since my early teens, shooting mainly in 35mm black and white, although it wasn’t until 2006, after my son was born, when I was in my early thirties that I studied it formally, receiving a high A grade at A level. It was the hardest thing I’d ever done academically!

The Old Singer

3. Are you interested in or do you create in any other art media?
I used to do a lot of beading. When I was first diagnosed with mental illness I started making bracelets from cut-glass beads to keep my hands busy, as a sort of occupational therapy. I made hundreds! In fact, I made so many so I started selling them on the craft fair circuit. In the late nineties I qualified as a silversmith, but without workshop space I was unable to continue.

4. Do you have a day job!
At the moment being a full-time mum is my day job! When my son starts school in mid-September I’ll start looking for a part-time job.

Good, Clean Fun #2
5. What are your future goals for your business?
I’d like to expand my product range. At the moment I offer prints, cards and postcards, but I’d like to get my images on fabrics, mugs and clothing. Currently I’m looking at all the options available! I’ve recently signed a book-cover deal with a publishing house so that’s another direction I’m thinking of going down.

6. What inspires you to take your photographs?
Anything and everything inspires me to pick up my camera, but there are definite themes in my work; issues and matters which are important to me such as my personal experience of mental illness, my Christian faith, the natural world and women’s issues. I love experimenting with different photographic techniques, including pinhole, medium format film and digital media and I plan to keep trying new (and old!) techniques until I can no longer either see or hold a camera!

A Gentle Freak-Out×8

You can find Emmainwonderland at these places on the internet!
Blog –
Twitter – EmmainWndrland
Folksy (UK-based) shop –
Dreamaid (charity) shop –

She has lovely photographs from traditional to more contemporary topics. I continue to be amazed at how Christ uses the gifts he gives us to help us in our lives. Our gifts and talents have helped many to vercome ill health of one kind or another.  Personally, I know that using my creative abilites has a direct relationship with my wellbeing and pain levels. I have used art at different points in my life to help me distract myself from pain.

How do you use your talents and gifts to either help people or yourself deal with life’s stresses?

Thanks, Karen