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Even More About Color Theory in Yarn: The Neutrals

Even more color theory in yarn

Last week, we talked more about color theory in yarn. Then it hit me: we haven’t even touched on the neutrals! So, here we have Even More About Color Theory in Yarn: The neutrals. Just saying that brings to mind minimalist apartments full of chrome, glass, and black and white decor; sophistication, Art Deco, and lovely Hollywood glamour. It also brings to mind the 70s, with their overwhelming browns and oranges.

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Checkerboard Crochet Afghan Pattern!

The Checkerboard Afghan pattern is now available! Do you remember this beautiful afghan?

Checkerboard Crochet Afghan Pattern, crochet pattern ChocolateDogStudio

It has such a simple yet beautiful border. There is not much to remember and it all just flows together so easily.

Checkerboard Crochet Afghan Pattern, crochet pattern ChocolateDogStudio

Lovely masculine squares and stripes with incredibly soft yarn.

Checkerboard Crochet Afghan Pattern, crochet pattern ChocolateDogStudio

There are several different color combinations of this easily found yarn. You can shop your local craft store to find the perfect colors for your checkerboard afghan.

Checkerboard Crochet Afghan Pattern, crochet pattern ChocolateDogStudio

Incredible visual texture and a soft, warm cuddly exterior.

Checkerboard Crochet Afghan Pattern, crochet pattern ChocolateDogStudio

I have ranked this afghan a beginner + 1. It is a little bit more complex than the other afghan patterns I have created. This is a perfect step up. One of the easier parts is the lovely border which is included in the pattern with step by step instructions.

Checkerboard Crochet Afghan Pattern, crochet pattern ChocolateDogStudio
Skills needed:
• Double crochet
• Slip stitch
• Weave ends in
• Change colors
• Single crochet

Supplies needed:
• Yarn
• Scissors
• Large eye needle
• Size g crochet hook or size needed for gauge

These instructions are written in U.S. crochet terminology.

You can find the pattern for sale on Craftsy

and Etsy


I also have links on this webpage to several shops that also sell the yarn. Should you purchase from any of the links on this page I will receive a small percentage of the sale, which will help fund my future yarn purchases!

It has been a full week. I have been crocheting on these flowers and I just can’t seem to crochet them fast enough. Here they are several days ago. The were taking over the coffee table and I finally popped them all in the basket lid to contain them. I am trying not to repeat any color combinations but it is difficult. I have been crocheting early in the morning and late into the night trying to get them all crocheted.

2016-03-29 10.19.34

I, also,  just found out that one of my favorite fabric shops is having a going out of business sale. I am headed over there after lunch with my daughter-in-law. I am going to try to teach her to sew a log cabin quilt. I think we will be purchasing fabric and goodness knows what else. I might stock up on craft staples like sewing machine needles, yarn, quilt batting and other sewing necessities. Now I know that yarn is not a sewing necessity but it is Necessary for happiness  in my house! I hope to find some great deals as thing are supposedly 50% off in some cases. You just never know if what you want is actually on sale or not.

Talk to you later,


P.S. ChocolatesBabyShop is now closed. I have been stretched too thin trying to keep two shops up. I was pleased with the results of the shop but all the crochet afghans can been shown in one shop! If you are looking for baby afghans you can now find them here:



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Copper and Cream blanket

Ta dah! I am so glad to be able to show this beautiful crochet blanket to you. It is a lovely copper and cream combination. This time of year when the weather is so hot I always think of the cooler weather of Fall. I can’t wait for the back to school sales and the beautiful new Autumn colors.

The pattern is my own design. The blanket was approved by all the men in my house from my husband to the boys (24 and 19 years old). The deemed it properly masculine, properly soft and just perfect. I wasn’t sure I was going to get it away from them to be able to list it in the Studio shop. Copper and Cream blanket

Even the border was guy approved. Just the right finish to the edging. I left off the picot scallops that were to top the border. It just didn’t seem to need it.Copper and Cream blanket

This blanket is longer than I usually make. Copper and Cream blanketAnyway, it is finished and I hope to put the pattern in the shop as well. It was one of those lovely “let’s see what happens if I do this” paths and it turned out quite nice. You can find the blanket in the studio shop here!

See you later,