Etsian Interview: designsstainedglass!

Etsian Interview: designsstainedglass!

Etsy stats:

Store opened: Dec. 2009

Store owner: Nancy

Here is Nancy’s interview in her own words with beautiful pictures of her work!

 I have been creating stained glass for 9 years. I have always been intrigued with the art of stained glass and after my first class that I attended I was hooked. I have been selling my art at local gift and consignment stores for 6 years.
 Pick just one favorite food? – that’s a tough one because I love cooking, baking, and I love eating – to pick just one – chocolate!

I live in Rhode Island with my husband of 33 years. We have two grown children and are recently empty nesters.
 My favorite item in my store right now is a stained glass rose suncatcher:
I love roses, and this particular suncatcher is so pretty in the sunlight, you can see the variegated colors in the leaves and shades of red in the rose – I really love this piece.

 I find inspiration in the color, or types of glass that I use. Also from nature or family and friends.

Get in touch with Nancy and designsstainedglass here!:!/stndglassdesigns


Thanks for the great interview Nancy!

I enjoyed getting to know you and your art!

See you all later,