Here It Is!

Here it is in all of its glory! I started this in the 100 items in 100 days challenge  and I meant for it to be the very last entry but I just couldn’t wait to get this finished.IMG_3728

I love granny square blankets, but this one is great too! It has one thing going for it that the Granny Square blankets don’t. Can you guess what it is?IMG_3721

It has no holes! That is right, absolutely no holes for the air to get through. So, if you want to crochet a blanket for a non-Granny Square lover this is the one to use!   I used DK weight yarn for this blanket as it was what I had on hand and a G sized hook.IMG_3717 IMG_3715 IMG_3713

This is a super simple pattern and I am going to share it with you right now! If you need a more complete pattern, I am pretty sure that there is already one on

Chain the length you want the blanket to be as a multiple of four. Half double crochet in each chain across.

2nd row.

chain five, skip the first two half double crochets and half  double crochet in the third, half double crochet in the fourth chain two and skip the next two half doubles, half double in the next two and continue in this pattern across the blanket.

3rd row.

Chain two and turn. You will have a funny loopy thing there at the start. Double crochet down into the 2nd row into the first half double that you skipped and then double crochet again into the second half double that you skipped in the row previously.
Chain two and continue in this pattern across the blanket.

This is the basic pattern if you have any problems just let me know.

The last row in the blanket you double crochet into the spaces and half double into the tops of the double crochets of the previous row.

To finish it out I simply crocheted a simple grey  border around all the edges of the blanket with two chains in each corner stitch.

Talk to you later,


P.S. This one is for sale in the shop!

April Fools!

The first of April is this week and we have been incredibly busy. I put things on hold for awhile but I am ready to get back to the 100 items in 100 days challenge.

I have these projects started:

2014-02-20 18.47.39

2014-03-28 12.03.34 2014-03-18 07.47.24 2014-03-27 13.15.39


The blanket is almost finished. The quilt is almost half way done. The stars are still in progress and the bottom picture is only 1/8th of the way done!

It has been a busy week as we decide classes for our daughter, getting some last minute senior year  things done. I get photos taken today by our son and daughter in law. They are coming over to spend the day with us. We will send out Commencement announcements soon.

Talk to you later,





Stripey Wool Stash Blanket #91

This is number 91 out of 100 items created from my stash! Woohoo!!

I finished this last week but I was waiting for our son to come and take these photos to show off it’s true beauty.


It is crocheted completely of wool out of my stash yarns. I used little balls of yarn and whole skeins.  IMG_3695 IMG_3703

Some of the skeins were variegated and some were solid. I love it, it is warm and cozy. It was almost too warm to work on as the weather is turning to the mid 60s these days.

IMG_3709I like the peaked scalloped border that is a bit more masculine than I normally use. It is  59″ x 49″ on an average size.   I just love it and it is available in the Etsy shop!

Talk to you later,





#90 out of 100 Items!

2014-03-26 12.36.59It has been a frustrating week and I tend to hit one of these fairly frequently. My creativity seems to hit a slump and my ability does well. I  have been working on using up my stash and part of that was to finish a crochet blanket I started about 10 years ago. I thought I had finished it way back when. It is a lovely green, white, yellow and blue blanket that I use in the studio when I wake up too early. It was not big enough to be warm and cozy. So, I have started adding to it with my stash yarns. I finished it once and the ends were definitely not the same width by about 12 inches.This is a  huge difference, and it looks gathered. I changed crochet hook sizes and went up to my largest hook, and it is still not even. Now I will need to count stitches and see if I have dropped stitches off the ends of the blanket. It is only about 4 inches difference now so dropping stitches might be the answer. Turns out I had dropped about ten stitches so I added those back in and the width turned out just right. I used up a bunch of little balls of yarn and some larger ones as well. It isn’t the most beautiful blanket I have ever made but it is incredibly soft which more than makes up for it’s homely appearance.

See you later,