The New To Do List

I have been super productive this week. It has been good to finish up or get so much done on several of my projects. I am pretty happy about following my to do list. I started work on several super hero capes that I am working on for a show this summer. It is on the To do list as it will use up a ton of satin that I bought two or three years ago.

The New To Do List

I also finished these little Valentine envelopes that I crocheted for a friend. She has a booth at a craft/antique mall. So, it was a whole sale order for her booth. These are a perfect size for gift cards.

The New To Do ListI finished up this shawl/scarf. The colors are wonderful. I am pleased that it is finished as it only lacked about three rows and the red border.

The New To Do List

I have added 8 inches to this blanket and will probably finish it up later this week.

The New To Do List

I am pleased that it is working up so quickly.

I still need to work on these items as I haven’t gotten to them yet.

  1. Finish the quilt (there is probably only 2-3 more hours of work.)
  2. Sew 3 coffee press cozies
  3. Sew 20 coffee cup sleeves
  4. sew 3 bibs (already cut just need to be sewn)
  5. sew up 4 flannel blankets (already cut just need to be sewn)
  6. sew 10 more paper pieced quilt squares

If I break this list down into easy to accomplish steps. I would rewrite the list like this.

  1.  Iron flannel blankets and pin
  2. Iron satin
  3. Iron quilt cottons
  4. arrange sewing by color thread
  5. sew items by thread color: blue, white, red, black and pink thread
  6. cut out capes
  7. cut out quilt cottons
  8. Press all seams and completed projects for photography

I hope all of this helps. I tend to be easily discouraged by the mountain of work standing in front of me. I am still wishing for some snow. It would be nice to be snowed in for a day or two.

talk to you later,



4 Blocks a Week – Week 4!

Another installment of 4 crochet blocks for the crochet sampler afghan! I love these 4 blocks. This bobble block has such a different look to it and was really pretty easy to crochet.

Block 13

Crochet sampler afghan

Block 14crochet sampler afghan

Block 15

I like the flower center in this one but the block needs blocking terribly as it looks a little wonky.crochet sampler afghan

Block 16

This one also has a flower in the middle. The petals on this one stand up from the back of the square. The directions on this one was a little difficult for me to understand but with the chart and the written directions I finally figured it out.crochet sampler afghanHere are is week one, week two and week three.

It has been a busy week with some appointments and new projects in the works. I am working on a new sewing pattern for some satin that I bought last year. I have been afraid to branch out in this new direction but fear is just a stupid reason to not try. So, I have been making some prototypes and trying them on the family. I know that I would have thought they are fun when I was a little person and our kids would have loved them when they were small. So, we will see if they make it to the shop. I am not real thrilled about some of the finishing that is happening and I think that they could be improved before they make it to my shop.

I have also been working on an order for a friend. It is a wholesale order and takes very little time to make so I am pretty sure that these are going to be great additions to my Etsy shop and since I am using up my stash they count to the huge Use Your Stash Challenge that I started in January. I feel that I have been slacking off but the days are filled to overflowing and I have finished quite a few large time commitment projects.

Talk to you later,


Pink is finished!! #3 in the Use Your Stash – 2015

I finished Pink (the crochet afghan) this weekend. I am so pleased with it. It looks so cuddly and warm. I found some lovely yarn at the shop. It was soft and washable. It is variegated with a long color change in the yarn. It was really similar to a Lion Brand wool yarn that I love to use. It is primarily pink and red and the colors called to me.

I started it in the Linen stitch but it turned out horribly stiff and thick. It looked lovely. Pink is finishedI was also having some problems seeing where to put the stitches. I may need new glasses. I have named this blanket Pink but you can see the other beautiful colors in the yarn. I love working with variegated yarn. You never have to change or sew in many ends. It makes a nice change from Granny Squares that change color every row.Pink is finished Pink is finished Pink is finished Pink is finished

I love the bobble border. It adds a little whimsy to the whole blanket. I added a nice gray border on either edge of the bobbles. It adds some definition to the edges. Pink is a bit larger afghan than I normally crochet. It is 51 x 62 inches long. The stripes run lengthwise. I think it will make a great Valentine’s Day gift to someone special. It is available in the ChocolateDogStudio shop!

I am also adding this to the Use Your Stash Challenge – 2015! This is #3 for me to have finished this week. It is a huge project and I spent a bunch of time on it. I am really pleased with the finished product. I just knew that yarn would make a beautiful blanket.

Talk to you later,




4 Blocks a Week – Week 3!

Here are this weeks 4 crochet granny squares for the 4 blocks a week crochet sampler blanket. I am enjoying picking out each block and trying something new.

Block 9

4 Blocks a Week crochet sampler blanket - Week 3

Block 10

4 Blocks a Week crochet sampler blanket - Week 3 Block 114 Blocks a Week crochet sampler blanket - Week 3


Block 12

4 Blocks a Week crochet sampler blanket - Week 3

I can’t wait to start putting them all together. I think that I will need to join them all at the end as they are all different sizes.

They look quite beautiful all together and so very intricate and lacy.

The weather this week promises to be frosty, a bit misty and possibly some snow. I am ready for to be snowed in for a couple of days. There is so much that I want to do. I am deeply into the Use Your Stash Challenge and I would dearly love a chance to sit and create. I have been working on it steadily and have finished a couple of projects already. One has been in the works since before Thanksgiving.

Our daughter is back a college and we are back into the routine of daily life. I am working on de-cluttering and cleaning. I have loads of laundry waiting to be completed and I already feel very productive this morning. Our son was up yesterday to take some photos of more of my Mom’s vintage stuff. I will be adding them to the shop after I write up descriptions and get them priced.

The dogs have been quiet today. They really do not want to get put out as it is a bit misty and cold. Daisy is getting pretty big and has passed up the leader of the pack, which is causing a struggle for power between the two. I am confident that they will work it out sooner or later. We really need to work on her training as I do not need the huge dog jumping up on people.

Here are the links if  you want to see week one and week two of the 4 blocks a week crochet sampler blanket.

See you later,