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Yikes! Stripes Blanket Pattern

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The Yikes! Stripes blanket pattern is so fun and easy to crochet. The colorful stripes and long length make this a great gift for the man in your life. The soft, chunky yarn is not what I normally use in my patterns, but that’s exactly what makes it more masculine: the bold colors and thick, warm strips. Like a Favorite Scarf… Read more »

How to Join Yarn in Crochet

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This past couple of weeks I have been posting new youtube videos once a week. This week I am adding  a new video to the series So, You are New to Crochet: Joining yarn. This is such a short video and takes a little bit of the mystery out of joining yarn. It is one of my favorite joining methods… Read more »

Where I Talk about Gauge and Why it Matters

What is gauge and why does it matter? There is another youtube video out today and I am introducing gauge and why it matters. It does matter, most of the time. I am not too concerned about gauge most of the time but you should be. Since I design most of my own crochet and walk my own path. Gauge… Read more »