Creativity block

..Whew, I have been fighting a horrible case of creativity block, brain block, the blahs, no mojo…whatever you want to call it. It was a horrible dry spell in creativity. I have just not been able to sit and work on anything for any length of time. Hopscotching around on different projects, starting one just to stop four rows in and cut all the yarns. Finally, finally, from a chance remark of a friend I finally hit on something worth my time.

Creativity block

It is flowing and it looks great! I feel that contentment as each row of color is crocheted on. One row right after another with no second guessing or worries. I am thrilled. The truth is that this is the pillow pattern that is going out to all my email subscribers. It has just taken this long to get the right creative flow going. I can’t wait to show it to you and send it to my subscribers. I can’t wait. It is so exciting! I should have it done by tomorrow if all goes according to plan.  The pattern should go out on Wednesday. It is another simple pattern and I know you will love it.

It has been a busy past couple of weeks helping my Mom and just doing the living things that seem to take so much time. Mothering has been strange this week as the birds in our nest seem to be all preparing to leave the nest about the same time. It has kept me up and awake. I think last night’s’  12+ hours of sleep helped immensely. I am feeling much more like myself.

What have you been working on and how are your days going?

Talk to you later,


P.S. If you sign up for the pattern it is a free gift to my subscribers. Otherwise I will have it for sale in the shops!

Autumn blanket pattern

I have just finished writing the Autumn blanket pattern. It is now listed for sale on Etsy. It seemed to take ages to write the pattern but I kept finding more little details that I needed to add to the pattern.

Autumn Blanket Pattern

This is the Autumn blanket. The one that reminds me of Oklahoma in the winter. I love the colors in this blanket and the yarn is wonderfully soft.

Autumn Blanket Pattern

The pattern has step by step photo instructions.

Autumn Blanket Pattern

I have included the beautiful scalloped border in the pattern. You need to know several stitches to crochet this blanket; double crochet, half double crochet, single crochet and slip stitch. The  blanket is generously sized with none of the holes that granny square blankets have.  This is afghan makes a  wonderful gift for the special people in your life.

Autumn Blanket Pattern


Autumn Blanket Pattern

You can find this pattern on Etsy at ChocolateDogStudio. I will be adding it to craftsy as well.

It has been a busy week. My Mom is recovering nicely from her knee replacement surgery and hopes to get to her home soon.  It has been nice to spend so much time with her, I just wish she felt much better. She is walking all the time and the therapists are extremely happy with her recovery.

Our daughter is back and college and settled in for the final semester. Everyone else is doing well. There is a bit of remodeling going on in the kitchen. It should be finished fairly quickly and isn’t interfering with the cooking, much at all. I will be making Lemon meringue pies for my Father in law this week. We can’t wait to see him.

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Tips for the Ombre or Temperature blanket

The temperature blanket has had great interest since Repeat Crafter Me on Facebook posted a photo of my blanket. I have had numerous questions as people have needed a few pointers and or had general questions that needed to be answered. Here are a few Q and A’s on the Ombre, Temperature or granny Stripe blanket.

Question: How do I turn from row 2 to row 3 in the temperature blanket, ombre blanket or granny stripe blanket?

I just do the one dc into the turning stitch. Then chain two and turn. I would then follow with two dc into the gap between the 1 dc and the next group of three dc.

Tips and Tricks to the Ombre or Temperature blanket

Here you are getting ready to turn to row three. You have just completed the last group of 3 dc.

Tips and Tricks to the Ombre or Temperature blanket

Do the dc in the top of the last stitch of the last group of 3 dc from the previous row.

Tips and Tricks to the Ombre or Temperature blanket

Chain two and turn. You are now ready for row three!


Question: Do the stripes run from side to side or from top to bottom?

A: The stripes run from top to bottom.


Question: How do I crochet the granny stripe border?

A: The long sides are simply the granny stripe as you would have crocheted the rest of the blanket.
In the corners
dc three times chain one dc three times in the same stitch.

On the short ends. You crochet the three dc in the chain five space at the end of each row of colors.

Q:  I was wondering if you would be able to tell me the heights of the rows for the two blankets in the subject.

A. The dc rows are about 3/4 of an inch high. She, could of course use a shorter stitch like a sc or hdc stitch instead.

Q: How many different colors does this take?

A. It uses about 12 + colors of yarn. The exact number and a list of colors used are in the pattern.

Q:   What weight of wool do you recommended for the temperature blanket and how large of a skein?

A: The instructions tell what exactly brand of yarn and how much yarn you need to complete the afghan.From that starting point you can figure out how much yarn it will take.

Most afghans take on average 8 -10 skeins of  aran weight yarn. This one uses more colors so that increases the number of skeins you need. It is a DK yarn which is skinnier than aran wool or a yarn like Vanna’s choice from Lion Brand but a bit bigger around than baby yarn. It is a number 4 yarn and takes about a g-h hook


I apologize for being late on posting this. I have been at the hospital this week with my Mom for a knee replacement. This is the first chance I have had to sit down and write. She is doing much better. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. I have so much to do today.

The weather is cooperating and making me want to stay in cozy and warm with a crochet hook or sewing machine. I need to do both and can’t wait to sit down and spend some creative time.

Tips and Tricks to the Ombre or Temperature blanket

I have started an email newsletter which will come out at the end of each month. Please sign up as the first free pattern will be a pillow to accompany your temperature blanket!



You can read about all the great craziness that happened with this pattern here:


You can read about the email newsletter here:


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The Temperature Blanket

My etsy shop has been blowing up this week due to a little share about the Temperature blanket. I discovered this while I was on the phone with my Mom on New Years eve first thing in the morning. I receive the Etsy cha-ching on my phone when I sell something on Etsy. The phone cha-chingd three times in the space of one 20 minute conversation. That’s odd I thought. Well, it went on all day and then I started receiving requests to make a blanket that I had already sold. (I hardly ever go back and make the same blanket twice.) The blanket patterns kept selling all day long, and all day the next day. My views were off the charts. I have had 27,000 views in the last seven days. Yesterday my views were 12,323. I am blown away. It is a beautiful thing. I searched all through my analytics to figure out where the traffic was coming from with no luck. Finally, I questioned a customer and found where all the traffic was coming from. Here is the photo that was posted on Facebook

The Temperature Blanket

I quickly wrote the pattern for this blanket and posted it. It is doing quite well for pattern sales. I was wanting to sell more crochet patterns and less finished items. It fits better with my life goals and family needs right now. I have found a friend that will be glad to crochet this blanket for you. She is my Etsy friend Christie at Luvncrafts. I am going to stay out of the middle of those negotiations.

All because RepeatCrafterMe shared my blanket photo with the thermometer attached to it. It is such a lovely thing to happen.

The blanket above is not a thermometer blanket. It is just a blanket using the same lovely colors as are pictured in the thermometer. I really appreciate the shout out by Sarah. I know it will be a roller coaster ride that will end pretty soon but it sure is exciting right now.

Thank you Sarah. You have made my day and quite possibly my year.

Thank you to all the lovely people that are buying my blanket pattern. I hope you make a wonderful thermometer blanket that keeps you and your families warm.

Talk to you later,



Here are the links to the two patterns that will work well for this blanket.