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Future plans

Ok, so here is where I tell you all my great and wonderful future plans….

I am going to make at least one large size afghan like this one.

I am going to finish this diagonal afghan. The brown one in the middle.

I know that the above picture leaves a lot to be desired but the afghan is so incredibly soft and beautiful. I will have better pictures soon. I am also going to make some more football team cup sleeves. Like this one only different teams than what I already have…

I am going to clean out the studio…well, unpack it better and set it up. I am going to get ready for the Christmas buying season by creating more Christmas ornaments and cozies. All of this planning is making me hungry and tired at the same time. So I best get to work.

talk to you later,



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New products at Chocolatedogstudio!

Here is just a little peek at some new items available at


I have been working incredibly hard all week. The items shown are the tip of the iceberg and I hope to bring more to the store daily. Please check back in and see what else is new. Listing new items and creating them are often vying for my time. I find that I usually have far more items created than listed! I have been on a very creative binge this week. New ideas are flowing and it is difficult to stop at night. So I am off to the studio to do more work. (I have a studio now and will show pictures very soon as the  photographer that lives at my house has agreed to take them today. If I can get it cleaned up again!) As always feel free to contact me if you want something that I have already sold or need something custom.

Till later,