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Photo Friday! Where in the World Am I Today?


Yes, I am in England (in my imagination) and I am ready for a nice cup of English tea, some chocolate digestives and chat with my Mom, with daffodils on the table. It reminds me of Spring and brings back the hope that Winter really is gone for the year. I think that it will return and I am worried because all of the trees are in bloom and it IS only March in Iowa not May. People tell me that there is a chance of snow all the way to  Mother’s Day. So we shall see, but I am pleased that today it is warm and the sun is out part way. It is Friday and we are all glad. It has been a busy week of school, cleaning (sometimes), Etsying, work and we are all ready for the weekend. We were extremely busy last weekend so this one will be a good chance to relax a bit and just do the regular weekend chores.  In addition to our other activities last week, the girls each got their own room. Since we live in a real world and have real messes, you know that it was just that, a mess that seemed to drag out all week! Finally, the youngest cleaned hers up yesterday for the final time and the oldest will do so soon. So progress has been made and they are both excited. I just have curtains to hang properly, a bed frame to put under the mattresses and a re-cleaning of the studio!  The joke is on me! After all of the cleaning of the studio two weeks ago, I now get to do it all over again. Such is life! Have a great Spring day, see you later,



ps. All of the photos come from Etsy shops, stop by and say hi!