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Owls on Etsy!

Just a few owls for your day! I am thinking about the great new fabrics I got this weekend and the wonderful new items I will

get to add to my shop! Can you guess what one of the fabrics might have on it?


I am getting ready to open a new shop and divide up the paper part and the fabric parts of my Chocolate Dog Studio, any ideas on names? I am wanting to stay with the same theme. I think a contest with a  giveaway should be a part of this name suggestion.


Here are the rules.

1. Suggest a name and comment here on my web site as many different names as you want.

2. Suggest a different name and comment on my facebook site as many different names as you want.

3. I will narrow down my name choices to three and have a grand drawing. The winner will get…..? It is a surprise!

4. October 31st I will pick the new shop name and open the new shop!


Thanks so much,

Have a great day, may God bless you and keep you!