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Crochet projects and other projects

Here is what I am doing now on my crochet projects and other projects. The flower blanket is zooming along and I am almost finished with it. Here is a more current photo of it.  I just have the borders left on it now and it is enormous. It is a heavy blanket and will be wonderful this coming winter…. Read more »

Two Separate Afghans

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I have been working on two separate afghans and though there has been crochet happening here, it has taken a back seat to dealing with a very nasty migraine. This one has come and gone for several days now. I think it is a sinus headache and I will be heading to  the Dr. to find out for sure. However,… Read more »

4 Blocks a Week – Week 1

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I am starting a new project this year. I am going to crochet 4 blocks a week from some Granny square books that I have here at home. I will need at least 200 blocks to create a useable sized blanket. I want this blanket to a sampler blanket. All the squares will be crocheted in a cream yarn and at the… Read more »

Ta dah! Granny Square Blanket

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I am finished with this Granny Square blanket. I am so excited. It has been a fun, quick blanket. This blanket started like this, just a mix up of various granny squares of all different sizes. It is also a scrap blanket as it used up various little balls of yarn that I had in my yarn bowl. I had… Read more »