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Noelle’s Blanket Pattern

Noelle's Blanket

Here, finally, is Noelle’s Blanket pattern. If you’re a regular reader, you know that I finished this in the Challenge last month. What you don’t know is that I also finally finished writing the pattern. You can now make your own Noelle’s Blanket. Which is great! It is so much fun to see this blanket coming together as you make it.

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Use Your Stash 2017 Work Line-Up

2017 Work Line-Up

You and I are eyewitnesses to the huge backlog of WIP’s and stash yarns. The enormous challenge sits right there, in front of us, taunting. The last remaining step as we get started is to create a “2017 Work Line-Up,” a step-by-step list of our work in the order of completion. As I said in an earlier post, I am working on the project which can be finished the quickest–this will give me some encouragement right from the start. It is also the biggest project, the one that I utterly dislike the most.

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Dreaming of Autumn and Overflowing Creativity

I’m not quite sure why, but it seems I usually crochet an afghan in neutral colors about the same time I start dreaming of autumn. The summers here get outrageously hot and spending time inside seems to be the best answer. This year, this neutral afghan is a palette cleanser for me; a change from all the bright, cheerful colors that I use most of the time.  Almost like getting new back-to-school clothes or new notebooks and pencils, using a neutral palette helps me to reset and prepare myself for the rush that is autumn. This blanket will not be available as a pattern since it required too much tweaking to make it easy to follow, but it will be available in both the Etsy and Amazon shops on September 2nd. Isn’t it gorgeous? I love the different textures and the super soft yarns.

neutral afghan for autumn

Dreaming of Autumn

I am ready for autumn colors and fall leaves. All the craft stores have their fall decorations and plastic pumpkins out on their shelves already.  I have been busy designing some new fingerless glove patterns for fall, and they will be available for free to subscribers and in the shop in the first weeks of September. They are super quick and easy to crochet. I promise you will love them.

Back-to-School Schedule

It is back to school time here. Photos of students with cheerful faces eager to start a new school year have flooded my Facebook page.  We are also starting our new school year. It means getting back to a firm routine and trying to balance all of life + school +crochet. I usually struggle with starting a new schedule but this year seems to be different and easier. New ideas and patterns are flitting through my mind as I sit here supervising my daughter’s school work.

Autumn projects

These granny squares are part of a new afghan– one of the new ideas I have in mind for this fall. There are new YouTube videos coming out soon, as well. I can’t wait to show you everything! The weather is finally cooling off here, and with it has come an overflow of creativity.

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PS: What’s your favorite thing about autumn? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Crochet projects and other projects

Here is what I am doing now on my crochet projects and other projects. The flower blanket is zooming along and I am almost finished with it. Here is a more current photo of it.  I just have the borders left on it now and it is enormous. It is a heavy blanket and will be wonderful this coming winter. The blanket already has a home as it is a custom order. It will feel good to start on other crochet projects, I have so many in mind.Crochet projects and other projects; ChocolateDogStudio, crochet flower blanket

I went to the business conference last weekend and it was wonderful. The goals setting advice and clarity I got for my business has been wonderful. Crochet projects and other projects; ChocolateDogStudio, crochet flower blanket

I was able to meet Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom. I have been reading her blog for years and it was nice to meet her in person.  She is as fun in person as she is online.Crochet projects and other projects; ChocolateDogStudio, crochet flower blanket

There has been a bunch of stirring around and re-organizing. I am excited that part of this area will be my new studio area. Crochet projects and other projects; ChocolateDogStudio, crochet flower blanket

We have been having a huge cleaning session, getting rid of extra stuff, condensing boxes, and packing up our daughter’s college items until she gets her own place. This is the dirty truth about our makerspace. It sometimes becomes the catch all!

I also found some yarny messes that I have been organizing and clearing out.

Crochet projects and other projects; ChocolateDogStudio, crochet flower blanket

It is Memorial day here and we spent time at the cemetery decorating Dad’s gravestone. He was a veteran and we are thankful for his and other’s service for our country.  Dad’s stone is the one in the foreground. Crochet projects and other projects; ChocolateDogStudio, crochet flower blanket

If you or a loved one has served we thank you for your sacrifice for our freedoms.
The week was full and fun. It has been a busy week and even busier weekend. I am excited to finally get to work in the new studio area. I hope to get more organized with my pattern writing and crocheting.  My yarn is more organized. I have decided that I have too much yarn and need to get started crocheting so that more of it leaves my house! (Is it really possible to have too much yarn?) I have yarntopia and then three plastic tubs full along with baskets full in the living room. I also bought more this past week at a flea market, but it was sooo nice and such a lovely color!

Talk to you later,