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Wips and Pigs

What are WIPS and PIGS you ask? Some sort of new political designation….nope. WIPS are works in progress and PIGS are Projects in grocery sacks. Which explains why my work tables look like this.

and this…

and then also this. Have I no shame?

Well, Yes, I do have shame and this is really bad. So I went to work on it.  How do you get started and what do you do first? This time I started with a list. I usually start with a list and then get side tracked. Today was no different. Our internet was down which was a really good thing. So I finished several WIPs and finished up some deconstruction that needed to happen, cut out some cozies and put a bunch of fabric away. I am going to show you bits and pieces over the next few days. So bear with me as I get started on all this mess.

Here is the first WIP project; dog beds. Our friendly four footed friends love to use their teeth on their soft plush dog beds and I refuse to spend $20 on  new ones when they finally demolish their current beds. Here is the finished products being tested by the dogs.

Stay tuned as tomorrow, I will do my best to show you how I up cycled the old fluff (clean, very clean fluff from their dog beds) into new dog beds.

Talk to you later,