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Scrap Busting with Quilts

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Quilts are a time honored way to use scraps. These quilts were made by the women in my family, Grandmothers and Great- Grandmothers and I think one Great-Great Grandmother.   This sun bonnet sue is one of my favorites.     My Grandma was a member of a quilting group. They would meet once a week or month and quilt… Read more »

My Grandma’s Quilts

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My Grandma or Granny (Bethel) as we grand kids called her created quilts out of┬ánecessity. She had a large family and needed blankets. She was a part of a quilting group in her small town. I believe most of her quilts date from the 1940’s. Her quilts were made from the better parts of used clothing and some were quilts… Read more »