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Monday: Goal Check 1!

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Here we are another Monday. I am running a goal check. This helps keep me on track and remind me that I AM reaching those goals and actually doing something! Business goals: Finish three two afghans (I have two left to finish this goal. Currently I have three afghans started….   The zig zag chevron stripe is finished. The one… Read more »

Time flies!

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Hi, all I must apologize for not writing anything sooner. I have not been feeling well and there was a bunch of things that fell by the wayside and this blog was one of them. I lost about a week to migraines. I am doing much better now and I will say this. I am thrilled that I made all… Read more »

Organizing part 1

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As part of my efforts to organize and streamline my house and life. My mother and I are planning a freezer cooking session for next Friday. It should be a good thing for the both of us. My recipes are for six servings and she only needs one or two servings. Often at our house we only have 4 or… Read more »