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Recycle Crafts

The Challenge of creating 100 items in 100 days has lead me to some interest recycling projects. Here are some of my favorites. I may use these ideas for my challenge items as they look fun, easy and I already have ALL of the supplies.

I like to recycle when I am creating but I don’t want to have to collect 59 million candy wrappers or bread tabs or plastic bottles to be able to finish the project. I like it to be quick and to the point using  materials that I already have on hand. If I have to go out and buy something to create a recycled craft, I feel like it is defeating the purpose of recycling as a craft. I love the crafts listed on here as I can create them pretty much anytime as the supplies I already own.

These are just cute little tins.

Such cute candle holders. These would be perfect for Autumn on through Christmas..

and a super cute washer necklace idea!

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Deconstruction, Re-use, Re-cycle

Deconstruction: what I term taking apart clothing to in order to use for another purpose ie: re-purposing, re-cycling, up-cycling or re-using. I have had several pieces of clothing scattered around waiting for the deconstruction  so that I can use the fabric for another purpose. Why not donate it to Goodwill or some other charity? Well, these particular pieces had issues. One top had a snap front and a snap in a vital position was gone. Well, anyway you get the idea. Here is the stack of tops waiting for the deconstruction to begin. They have been washed and dried and are ready for a new life.

Sorry, I am still getting used to the new camera and I know that this is a bit blurry.

I cut the seams off. So then you are left with little skinny strings of seams. This is the underarm seam from the hem to the wrist.

Here are the seams from this shirt.

Then I cut the cuffs off of the sleeve.


This is called the placket and I cut it off and toss it in the trash. Sometimes these plackets have little buttons and I cut those off and add them to the button box.


I also cut off the button band and then the buttonhole band as well.

Here is shirt number one, as deconstructed as I like it. I keep the buttons and the fabric.

See the rest of the tops all ready for new life.

See the seam strings to the right of the stack of tops. I also had a nice pile of buttons that I  put away in the button box. The cuffs I am sending to a friend.

So that is one way to deconstruct a shirt.

What would you do with all of the cuffs and seam strings?

I have had some thoughts but would love more input!




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Up cycling revisited!

Upcycling version 2

Just some visual food for thought, not all recycled items need to look frumpy!

Talk to you later!