CAST team items for Spring

Here are a few of my newest favorite items from an Etsy sellers team that I am on.

Most of these ladies have been on etsy for around the same amount of time as I have. I happen to love the colors in this teapot and will be restocking my kitchen with these as soon as the dish duty children in my house break fewer dishes.

Wouldn’t these look great at my next tea party! Well, when I have one which will probably be ¬†few years. The last tea party I remember was when the girls were little and that has been at least 5 years ago. I think I need to socialize a bit more. I think that they would go with the red ware tea pot though!

I also love this…

Well, tune in next time when I will show you my picks for the entryway! I desperately need to do something to update and make it much more useful! Have a great week and see you next time.

What would you do to update your eating area? Does updating matter to you?