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Recycling – upcycling: un-paper paper towels

Recently in our house we had a demise. Yes, something died. One of our most favorite sets of flannel sheets died. There were huge holes in the top sheet right under where your chin should be. I promptly bundled it up and put it out in the van….and then just as promptly brought it in in a bag for another… Read more »


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Upcycling¬† http://www.winkelf.com/Purse-jeans-butterfly-upcycled,itemname,74777,id,itemdetails In an effort to motivate myself to create some new bags/totes/purses I am going to talk to you today about how I find my fabric to make my purses. Many of my purses are upcycled, this means they started life as clothing or linens.¬† Well frankly, I go on the hunt and actively look for it. I have… Read more »