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The Patchwork Heart Afghan and more privacy information

Today we talk about the Patchwork Heart afghan and yet more privacy information.

The Patchwork Heart Afghan

This afghan started out as an experiment. You remember the photos on Instagram and then also here on the blog. This patchwork heart started while I was in recovery from foot surgery. Time was passing very slowly and this afghan grew out of an idea and hope that this would be finished well within time for Valentine’s day. Ha!

Here you go anyway. It is lovely and fun. The patchwork heart will be lovely in a wide assortment of colors and yarns. Perfect for using up scrap yarns.

 The Patchwork Heart Afghan

Obviously this pattern is an adaptation of the Patchwork Heart Pillow cover. I did the math and 100 little 2 round granny squares was just too much. The photo above shows you how I figured out how many squares I would need.
The Patchwork Heart Afghan The Patchwork Heart Afghan crochets up quickly and makes a beautiful afghan. The ends are a bit much if you leave them all to the end of all the work.The Patchwork Heart Afghan The Patchwork Heart Afghan

Here is one of my favorite squares.


It is bright and beautiful. Send someone a love blanket! Crochet your own in their favorite colors.

The Patchwork Heart Afghan

Even more privacy information

This is the last time I will be talking about privacy information. There is new information up and you can read it on the Affiliate/Privacy page.

The Summer Days

Today has been busy, fun, exciting and did I say busy. We watched our youngest son go off for his first professional job interview. We’re pretty sure that he will get the job. Graphic designers are greatly needed these days.  He is really good, even if I am Mom and I do think so. It was more final than I thought it would be and I am rather emotional about it but glad at the same time. It is time for him to be doing his thing in life.

The fun part of today has been playing around with the graphics program I use and making the graphics for the new patterns and knowing that finally new patterns are coming out for you. I’m even going to try my hand at videos again. It has been several years since I last created a YouTube video of crocheting. The one on my mind is how to repair crochet. We have had a few oops moments lately and it is time to get the repairs done. It isn’t hard but it does take some analytical thinking and now is the time. There are also new patterns to write and then also the updated pattern that I’m crocheting.

Talk to you later,


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