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The Simple Spring Wreath

Simple Spring Wreath

The flowers were blooming at our house! The daffodils bloomed a month ago and it seemed too early.

The tulips and the lilacs bloomed last week, we had Easter and Prom, next is  Graduation, Mother’s Day and then the year will be half over!

lilacs blooming

tulips blooming

Well, it feels like it, at least. Where does the time go?! The weeks have been speeding by and I can’t seem to slow down enough to savor each day as it comes. I’m facing a retirement of sorts as our youngest graduates from homeschool and I will be out of a 26-year job. Who knew that I would be a stay-at-home homeschooling/teaching mom for this long? It has been a good time; stressful at times, but fun. I am more than ready to step into this new adventure for my life.

Big Changes

There have been some big changes here at Chocolate Dog Studio in the past year. I hope it is for the better.

  • The blog has changed format and is starting to be easier to read.
  • Our hosting has changed and that is a huge, big, hairy change. Thankfully it went well with minor disruptions! (Thanks, Dale!)
  • We have been doing a complete pattern overhaul. At this point, nearly all of the patterns have been rewritten and edited for clarity. It always helps to have more than 1 pair of eyes looking at the instructions. (Thanks, Kelly!)
  • I’ve been writing more patterns: an easy baby blanket, a couple of scarves, a new hat, the spring wreath, a small granny square, a pair of fingerless gloves… The list just goes on and on.
  • We opened the blog shop.

These are all huge changes and we are hoping that it has made it easier than ever for you to stop by and see what is going on next!

Simple Spring Wreath

The newest pattern in the shop is this Simple Spring Wreath.

Simple Spring Wreath

This Simple Spring Wreath is perfect for Mother’s Day, a baby shower or nursery decoration. The combination of beautiful crochet flowers and buttons make it simple and quick. The pattern is available here at the Chocolate Dog Studio shop.

The soft pink wreath crochets up quickly. The addition of the buttons makes this a quick-to-finish wreath; pretty and fun! You can add any color of buttons and personalize the wreath for any season.

Simple Spring Wreath


Simple Spring Wreath flower adornment

Serape Stripe Pattern

We are also releasing the Serape Stripe with the new pattern format and edits.

Serape Stripe Pattern

I’m off to write more patterns and crochet more…well, probably just crochet more! đŸ˜‰

Talk to you later,


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