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Tiny Squares and Long Ombre Stripes

Tiny Squares and Ombre Stripes

The tiny squares are a tiny bit frustrating. Like really, really frustrating but they come out so beautifully in this lovely pillow cover. Here is a quick look at it before the ends were sewn in and it sewn together. This pattern will be released next week. It isn’t difficult just time consuming.

Tiny Squares and Long Ombre Stripes

They are not my thing. They are fussy and time consuming and there are so many, many ends to sew in. It is fun to see how the patchwork look does show up as I thought it would but The ends will drive you to distraction.Tiny Squares and Long Ombre Stripes

Tiny Squares and Long Ombre Stripes

They are also boring, but I’m finished with this pattern and idea, for now. It seemed like a great idea at the time but sometimes you need to rethink your plans and go back to the basics long ombre stripes. This was pure joy to crochet and took a little over two days to complete. The pattern is in the process of being written and will be in the shops soon!

Tiny Squares and Long Ombre Stripes

Time Flies

Time flies, but not when you want it to. Have you ever noticed that time is scarce when you need it most and overwhelming when it you are forced to do something you do not like. I have been sitting around for the better part of almost 8 weeks and it might as well have been 6 months. It feels like 6 months but it has only been 8 weeks. Christmas and New Years have come and gone. The family gatherings are over and we are deep into winter, here. Crocheting has just started here after the forced sabbatical due to foot surgery. Here it is the middle to the end of January and I had to tell the kids to take down the Christmas tree and also the Christmas lights outside.

More Little Squares

These little squares have also been filling my time.  You will see more of them in a later project.

 Tiny Squares and Long Ombre Stripes


We are doing well and time is passing by, I should get the go ahead on walking with boot next week (I hope). I do feel rather like Daisy. I have my fort do you! Mine is filled with yarn and pillows, while hers is filled with dog beds. The comfy chair in my room is surrounded by yarn, tiny squares and ombre stripes,  and pillows for my foot.

Tiny Squares and Long Ombre Stripes

Talk to you later,


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