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Welcome to the Use Your Stash Challenge 2017

stash challenge 2017

Welcome to the Use Your Stash Challenge 2017!

I’m so thrilled you’ve decided to join us.

  • Are you ready?
  • Do you have your projects planned out?
  • Do you know what you will work on?

A Few Things to Keep in Mind for the Use Your Stash Challenge 2017:

  1. Go easy on yourself. Your yarn stash didn’t appear overnight! It will take more than one month to clean it out and use up a good portion of it.
  2. The truth is we really don’t want to get rid of it all; we just want to get it under control a little more than it has been.
  3. If you decide that one project for this month is all you can manage, then good for you! We’re not competing against each other.
  4. If you run out of yarn while working on a project, set it aside and move on to the next one. Do not buy more yarn!
  5. Life happens, in unexpected ways. If life starts filling up all your days, don’t worry about the challenge. Work on your stash when you can, even if it means being a month behind.
  6. This challenge isn’t to be a weapon to beat yourself over the head with–be nice to yourself (see #1)! This is a chance for each of us to look at all of our blessings and make something out of them to bless someone else.
  7. If you open a box and find a finished project you haven’t used in years, find someone else that will cherish it and give it to them!

Don’t Ignore Your Stash!

Stash Challenge 2017 -- Don't hide! Join us!

I started this challenge to bring attention to all of the craft supplies so many of us have hiding in our craft tubs, storage drawers, stash closets, and project bags. We don’t need to be like the ostrich that hides his head in the sand, or the guinea hens (in the above picture) hiding their heads. We need to approach the problem head on and use, reuse, or just bless someone else with our stash. In fact, many places will take your yarn or craft supplies off your hands. We will talk about those at the end of the Challenge.

(By the way, those birds do have heads they are just preening themselves. It looked so funny; I had to take the photo.)

I’m off to crochet! Talk to you later!


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