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3 Super Easy Crochet Borders: The Scalloped Border

scalloped border

Everyone plays favorites, including me: I’ve been sharing the 3 super easy borders that are mine. I find myself using these borders all the time. These are borders that I don’t have to think about when I crochet them — that’s why they are my favorites. Who wants to spend time calculating how many stitches they need and whether the border is going to fit and turn out just right? This Scalloped Border works all the time on my granny stripe or granny square crocheted items. 

The Scalloped Border for Granny Stripes and Squares

If you have seen my Granny Square scarf pattern then you have seen this scalloped border.

You have also seen it on Noelle’s baby blanket.

Keep Going! scalloped border

Scalloped Border for Granny Square/Striped Items

Pick your border yarn and join it to one corner of your project.

scalloped border - join yarn

Double crochet six times into the next space between the double crochet groups.

scalloped border - beginning double crochet      scalloped border - 6 double crochets

Single crochet in the next space between the next double crochet groups.

scalloped border - single crochet in next stitch

Double crochet 6 times into the next space between the double crochet groups. Treat the sewn edge (seam) as an opening in a double crochet group. (See photo below.)

scalloped border - 6 dc into seam where blocks are sewn together

Corner Options

scalloped border - corner option #1
scalloped border - corner option #2

scalloped border - corner option #3

There are three corner options available depending on how many rounds you crochet in your granny squares.

Option #1

If you do a single crochet in the space before the corner. You can simply do *3 double crochet, chain 1, 3 double crochet* in the corner space.

scalloped border - option 1

Option #2

If your scallop ends with a single crochet in the corner stitch, simply carry on with the scallops around the corner as shown.

scalloped border - option 2

This creates a very simple corner detail and carries on the scallop patterning.

Option #3

If you would like a bit more detail to the corner, you can do this simple pattern:

scalloped border - option 3

Single crochet into the corner space, double crochet 4 times in the same space, and then single crochet into the same corner space. Then continue crocheting scallops around the scarf as before. Treat each corner in the same manner.


Whichever option you choose, when you arrive at the first stitch of the border, slip stitch to join, tie off, cut the yarn and weave in all the ends.

I hope you enjoy this easy scalloped border pattern for use on your granny square and granny stripe crocheting!

Have you enjoyed these super easy border patterns? Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment and let me know.

Speaking of Super Easy…

The super easy mug cozy pattern is available in the shop. You can download it free. You will have fun crocheting these up for friends and family. Use any weight of yarn you wish — use up some scraps! Add in a mug and some tea bags, or a gift card to a coffee shop, and it makes a wonderful gift for a friend, co-worker, or teacher.

easy mug cozy

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