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After Christmas 2018


The after Christmas lull has hit the house. Times of reflection and general grumpiness seems to be the rule rather than the exception. Too much Christmas food after months of eating lighter just doesn’t seem to sit well with me anymore. Nothing a couple of days of lighter eating won’t fix. Crocheting has been happening here and some baby blankets are in the works to restock the shop. A blue granny square blanket and also a pink one are the favorite color combinations so far. It would be nice to finish something before more family comes in on Saturday.

The newest blue baby blanket in the works.


There has been tons of painting going on. It has been incredibly fun to get so much painting done. The work has stacked up with the possibilities of a couple of custom orders in January. I am working hard to get the current work completed and out of the studio. The paint studio will most likely be moving back downstairs. The items getting painted just keep getting bigger and it is harder to navigate the stairs with them. Also paint, yarn and fabric just don’t mix well in small spaces. The paint seems to jump off the paint brush at bad times and it makes me nervous to have it around so much paint. I did manage to finish up the boys Christmas quilts. There were three quilts given out to the grandkids on Christmas eve. It was wonderful to have that big project out of my project line. They had been sitting around for two years waiting to get finished.

Talk to you later,


I hope that you and yours have had a wonderful holiday season. That it is filled with family, fun and the quiet time that you need.

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