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Tutorial: How to Sew Bias Tape

I have found a secret for sewing bias tape to make ties or loops. I was sewing pot holders and I need to be able to sew the hanging loop. I usually use ribbon but I have a ton of bias tape. Both my Mom and my Mother in Law had tons of bias tape and I inherited it. I usually use wide double fold bias tape but this stash bias tape is really skinny. Here is my tutorial on how to sew bias tape.

You need one of these pressure feet for your sewing machine.


Tutorial: How to Sew Bias Tape

Here is the edge stitch pressure foot or the stitch in the ditch foot. Put the bias tape in past the feed dog so that it will be starting about an inch in on the bias tape. Adjust the needle until you get the stitching right where you want it.


Tutorial: How to Sew Bias Tape

I hold the bias tape down and do not pin. You can sew rather slowly and do a good job. Stopping for pins is a pain and makes your sewing a bit more jagged. I advise practicing on scrap bias tape.

Tutorial: How to Sew Bias Tape

I always sew the open edge first.

Tutorial: How to Sew Bias Tape

It is much better than I usually do sewing without this pressure foot.

Tutorial: How to Sew Bias Tape

Here are both sides sewn. You can see at the top of the photo that if you don’t pay attention the sewing can still get wonky. So, pay attention… the pressure foot isn’t a magic wand for perfect edge stitching but it does help a huge amount.

It has been a wild morning as we found our dogs roaming the neighborhood. After a mad dash for shoes, a quick trip in the car, they are finally both home. It gets the adrenaline running in an unpleasant way. We are all now WIDE awake and a tad bit grouchy. The dogs are happy as they have had an early morning run and breakfast!


Talk to you later,


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Challenge Blanket and instructions!

Here it is in all of its glory, the challenge blanket and the instructions! I started this in the 100 items in 100 days challenge  and I meant for it to be the very last entry but I just couldn’t wait to get this finished.Challenge Blanket and instructions!

I love granny square blankets, but this one is great too! It has one thing going for it that the Granny Square blankets don’t. Can you guess what it is?Challenge Blanket and instructions!

It has no holes! That is right, absolutely no holes for the air to get through. So, if you want to crochet a blanket for a non-Granny Square lover this is the one to use!   I used DK weight yarn for this blanket as it was what I had on hand and a G sized hook.Challenge Blanket and instructions! Challenge Blanket and instructions! Challenge Blanket and instructions!

This is a super simple pattern and I am going to share it with you right now! If you need a more complete pattern, I am pretty sure that there is already one on

Chain the length you want the blanket to be as a multiple of four. Half double crochet in each chain across.

2nd row.

chain five, skip the first two half double crochets and half  double crochet in the third, half double crochet in the fourth chain two and skip the next two half doubles, half double in the next two and continue in this pattern across the blanket.

3rd row.

Chain two and turn. You will have a funny loopy thing there at the start. Double crochet down into the 2nd row into the first half double that you skipped and then double crochet again into the second half double that you skipped in the row previously.
Chain two and continue in this pattern across the blanket.

This is the basic pattern if you have any problems just let me know.

The last row in the blanket you double crochet into the spaces and half double into the tops of the double crochets of the previous row.

To finish it out I simply crocheted a simple grey  border around all the edges of the blanket with two chains in each corner stitch.

Let me know if you make one! I would love to see it.

Talk to you later,


P.S. This one is for sale in the shop!

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Basket Liner Tutorial

2014-01-06 15.19.10

This isn’t a step by step How-To with pattern pieces. I will show you how to measure your basket to get some approximate measurements so you can make a basket liner for your baskets at home.

I have a large wicker basket that I dearly love. It holds my yarn quite nicely. It holds a bunch of yarn and then fits under my coffee table, but it snags my yarn. I received my Michael’s sales flier by e-mail today and noticed the lovely things for organizing your home. It is January and I do have the organizing bug. So, making use of what I have and improving something I already own is a huge money saver.2014-01-06 14.40.46I have some beautiful fabric that my Mom gave me. In fact I recovered my ironing board with it. I love it. It is bright and cheerful without being in your face.

2014-01-06 15.14.58

I cut this pattern from a left over piece of wrapping paper. I put the basket down and drew around it. This is the bottom.

2014-01-06 14.40.50

Then I placed the base of the basket liner in the bottom of the basket and did some trimming to make it fit a little better. 2014-01-06 14.46.28

2014-01-06 14.46.31

2014-01-06 14.46.41


Here you can see that it fits better but seems to not be the same shape. So I folded the bottom in half and trimmed the extra off.

2014-01-06 14.48.05

2014-01-06 14.49.23


Here you can see that I am getting ready to cut out the base piece out of fabric. I left 1/4 inch seam allowance all the way around the base.

2014-01-06 14.41.55 2014-01-06 14.42.02 2014-01-06 14.42.08 2014-01-06 14.42.14


I laid the basket on its side and rolled it from one side to the other as I drew the pattern of the side. 2014-01-06 14.50.31

Then I placed it up against the inside of the basket. I left extra at either end but trimmed the side a little bit.

2014-01-06 14.50.43

I cut the fold over cuff. I didn’t measure and I didn’t have a pattern piece for this part. I did lay one piece on top of the other and cut the three of them all the same size. I know that I probably won’t need that much extra but you never know.


2014-01-06 15.01.26

I sewed one side seam of the basket sides and then matched up the sides to the bottom part of the liner. I sewed them right sides together.

2014-01-06 15.01.42 2014-01-06 15.00.52

I placed the liner in the basket to see if it fit. It does

2014-01-06 15.00.41

There is a pleat at one of the ends of the basket liner and I left one side seam unsewn. I then folded the cuff in two and sewed two of the pieces together. I then matched up the edges and sewed the sides of the basket and the cuff together. It wasn’t too difficult and yes, I did not use pins!

2014-01-06 15.14.53

When I was finished one side seam of the basket liner wasn’t completed. I placed the liner in the basket to see if it would fit. It didn’t quite fit. It needs another two to three inches. So, I added a Gusset!

Here is the definition of a gusset from the free online dictionary.

gus·set  (gst)


1. A triangular insert, as in the seam of a garment, for added strength or expansion.
2. A triangular metal bracket used to strengthen a joist.
3. A piece of mail or plate armor protecting the joints in a suit of armor.

[Middle English, from Old French gousset, perhaps diminutive of gousse, pod, husk.]


I could see that I would need to add a triangular piece of fabric into the side or gusset and that it needed to have the cuff on the top as well.

2014-01-06 15.14.58

I added the gusset in and the basket liner fits pretty good.

2014-01-06 15.14.44

The photo directly above shows you the gusset. I like it and it works great!  I saved money and used what I had on hand to improve my organization in my house. Actually, to make it easier to crochet or knit. The basket holds about 20 balls of yarn and fits under my coffee table which makes it easier for people to walk around when I am not using the yarn (which is hardly ever)!




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January 7, 2014






2014-01-06 11.46.15

The weather was bitterly cold for our part of the world. Oklahoma is not known for the temperatures in the teens. The snow is pretty but under the snow is a nice coating of ice.

2014-01-06 11.46.25

This is the view off of my front porch.

2014-01-06 11.47.19Here is the back deck and yard. The ice isn’t as bad as it was last time but it is colder.

I stayed in and thought about goals, deadlines, chores and menus. Then I thought of this!

2014-01-06 15.19.10


Yes, I am procrastinating on my cleaning! A basket liner for my favorite large yarn basket. It has turned out better than I thought.  Why is it that the New Year starts and we all get the organizing bug! Anyway this isn’t much of a tutorial more of a how to do it  yourself for your basket. The tutorial will come tomorrow.

Talk to you later,