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Little Things Matter and the Ombre Granny Stripe Revisited.

Little things matter; like the button on this tea cozy. It looks perfect and brings a touch of whimsy to just another granny square tea cozy.  The little touches that make life great. Little things matter like a wave and a hello from a neighbor. Like the use of your right hand. Not being able to use your right hand really brings this home to you. As my hubs found out last week. His arm is in a sling but it’s not broken and not sprained. He doesn’t appear to need surgery, just rest- so all is well.


Little Things Matter



The Ombre Granny Stripe

The Ombre Granny Stripe afghan has been updated to reflect improved yarn quantity and an additional border option. I have never been that fond of the black and yellow in the original pattern so I crocheted another with a lovely brown border and it looks so much better  in my eyes. This pattern is newly released, (everywhere we sell the pattern) and the shop has 1 beautiful Ombre Granny Stripe for sale. If it has been calling to you then now is the time to buy. It might not be there again for a long, long time. The new photos show the beauty of this afghan in a much better light.  Whether you want to make your own with the Ombre Granny Stripe pattern or buy the one afghan in the Etsy shop.

Studio News

Here is the latest news from the studio. My motivation and creativity has settled back down after almost a years worth of stagnation. Do you ever have stagnant times? I hit a road bump and a well meaning  and loving detail person said “you have too much going on. You need to simplify and work on one thing at a time.” Bad idea, I tried it and it doesn’t work well for me. At this current time. There are 4 or is it 5 current crochet projects all in a partially completed state plus one chair and two paintings also in progress.  There will be another one starting soon, when we hit the road to a family reunion. Three new patterns are also in process and two revisions are also in the works. Just a few shots of the wips:

All of these make me happy to work on and the frustration level is very low.

Keep your frustration levels low and work the way that suits you best. Listen to your heart and follow the pattern that works for you!

Take care and have a good summer.

Talk to you later,


P.S. I’ve been praying for God to give us rest. We both have been feeling stretched very thin. I’m not driving right now while some medication things get sorted out and he is not driving until his shoulder gets a bit better. The kids are pitching in a bit more while their parents are recovering.


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