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Christmas Chains, Yarn and Crochet

Christmas chains, yarn and crochet; there isn’t much painting this week. The studio is full of soft goods right now, quilts for small grandkids, yarn from Black Friday shopping, products to ship and projects to finish. Are you ready for a small breather in your hectic schedule? I know that we are. Some time off doing what we love, maybe a little home repair, a little deep cleaning, a ton of family time, church time and time to reflect. Like you, we live a rather normal life; well, as normal as it can get. Family time has been a little more intense the past several months. It is good to see that some crochet is starting to happen again. It fills a deep need to create and is more portable than painting and it keeps me balanced.

Yarn Shopping

Crochet has been filling my time more since Black Friday shopping. My crochet momentum is back, finally! The family knew when the soft squishy packages started arriving that Black Friday shopping had been a serious occupation for the Studio. Good thing that some of these projects have used up a little of the yarn. Hopefully, the projects planned for the yarn will work up quickly and fill the Etsy shop. A few photos of the beautiful colors soon to be coming your way with new patterns (hopefully) or remakes of older patterns in new colors.

Christmas Chains

Christmas Chains

Christmas Chains


Here is a little of what I have been working on these days.

Christmas Chains

The Baby Hexi which seemed to take all summer.

Christmas Chains

A new take on the Ruby Red with Lion Brand Landscapes “Twilight” just to give folks another viewpoint of the Ruby Red in colors other than pink/red.

I also worked on a cute crocheted paper chain style garland for the Christmas tree. Super simple to crochet. I used all of the silvery yarn on hand and created two separate chains. The instructions are included below.  Here they are in process. These chains were fairly quick and I crocheted a bunch in one color and then joined them with the other color. Super fast and easy, great for beginners or children for learning to crochet. Also great for using up small bits of scrap yarn!

Christmas Chains

Here they are on the tree.

Christmas Chains

A few more more links will be added when there is a little more time. They were crocheted out of silvery grey and red Stylecraft Special DK but they would be beautiful out of bright cotton yarns or all white, even tropical colors would be beautiful. Crochet them any color and it will still add a fun look to your Christmas tree.

Christmas Chains Garland Pattern


  • DK weight yarn in Red and silvery grey,
  • Size G crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Large eye needle for sewing links.


Chain 25,

First row: HDC in the third chain from hook and HDC across the chain, keeping the chain untwisted.

Second row: chain 2 HDC in each stitch across the the previous row. Tie off and cut with a long tail.

Sew one end to the other using whip stitch.

Finished one chain. Continue creating links being sure when sewing to link the chains together to create a Christmas Garland.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone. All online shops are open this year for the next several  weeks. We have family visiting and hubs in off work for weeks between December 17 and January 1st. Should you need any help on any crocheting or orders, please bear this in mind. I will be stopping by to check on things but not as often. The last day to order from Etsy and Amazon for Christmas delivery is Tuesday Dec. 11th.

Merry Christmas and Talk to you later,


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Christmas is coming!

Wow, It has been almost a month since I have written anything for the blog. I have been incredibly busy and I am pretty sure that life is just going to speed up in the future.

We finally got our Christmas tree put up this past weekend.

Christmas is coming!

You can’t see much about it and it looks department store pretty in this photo. The reality is that it is full of little kid made ornaments. Some from my childhood and some our kids made. Tons of glitter and glue were involved. Each year I try and make new ornaments for the tree but this year the ornament making is sparse. The kids are getting too big to create construction paper ornaments with glitter and glue. I have run out of time to sew, crochet or knit anything.  I have been pulling Christmas ornaments off the tree every time one of the kids moves into their own home.

Talk to you later,


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Scraps into Diamonds

If you follow me on facebook or instagram. You have been seeing these photos.

2014-05-06 09.24.42

I spent a day combing through my scraps and cutting out diamond shapes.

2014-05-06 11.17.59

It was an easy thing to do and still feel like I was accomplishing something. I cut out tons and then I put them together to get these neat little stars.

2014-05-08 07.19.53


I’m so proud of the points matching in these two stars. I think I have finally figured it out.

2014-05-08 07.20.01

See  the perfect points in the middle! Can you guess what I am making in the studio these days? I have some others finished and waiting on some photos but it is too dark today. We are finally getting some rain so I am not complaining. I hope that it cuts down on the wildfires that we have had. There have been some huge wildfires in Oklahoma and many people have lost everything. So, our area has been under a red flag, which means no fire pits, no cook outs, no burning of any kind.

If you want to follow me on instagram (I am new there) you can find me with this user name: Chocodogstudio

You can also follow me on Facebook here:

There is too much to do today. We are in the midst of printing out 300 graduation programs and are running low on toner. One of the nice things about having your child in public or private school as there are details that you really do not have to deal with, like printing graduation programs!

I will talk to you later!


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Christmas Ornament #3

Pink hearts are always good for Christmas or Valentine’s day. Here is my next installment on hand sewn felt Christmas ornaments. This is a heart with beading. I used recycled beads my daughter had removed from a formal. The whole point of these ornaments is to use what I have on hand and not run out for more supplies.

I ran into a few snags since I didn’t use a super thin beading needle. I would suggest using one if you make this at home. This is so simple that I don’t feel that you need a pattern to make one yourself.

See you later,