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Using Your Scrap Yarns Part 2

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Using your scrap yarns can be so much fun. Cleaning out yarn and creating new things all at the same time. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

There are a number of scarves that are great scrap yarn users. Here are is one of my time honored favorites. The Granny Square Scarf

Using Your Scrap Yarns

It doesn’t take much yarn and the squares themselves can be all different colors and yarn skeins as they are here. There are also granny square scarves that use a variety of different yarns in each square. The photo below is from an afghan, but you get the general idea. Simply tie all the colors together with one color and skein of yarn. Add a fringe or tassels as a finishing touch. Keep in mind that the longer the scarf, the more yarn you may need. The denser the stitching takes more yarn, too. Striped scarves work great to use scraps as well. Side to side stripes work for smaller amounts and long stripes for bigger amounts.Using Your Scrap Yarns

Using Your Scrap YarnsThe Newest Pattern

Here is the newest pattern. This pattern wrote itself after I challenged myself not to create another pattern this summer. I am pleased to introduce The Brown Ombre Stripe Scarf. The truth was that it was going to be an afghan but when it took 21 colors I decided that enough was enough! It requires 21 skeins of different colors but it is so lovely I couldn’t resist making a pattern for you.

Using Your Scrap Yarns

Studio News

The month has been busy. I’ve been busy taking not quite finished objects and giving them new life. About 6 scarves will hit the Etsy shop in the next couple of weeks. IF you follow Chocolate Dog Studio on Instagram then you have seen the progress happening on several scarves. It has been fun to finally move some of these WIPs out of storage and into the shop. Wool is fun to crochet but not usually my fiber of choice and these granny squares have been sitting for a couple of years looking for the right project to finish them out. Scarves work well, finish quickly and fit most everyone’s budget. I have started a Finish Your Projects and Use Your Yarn challenge but there are no rules and no timeline. It is really similar to the USE YOUR STASH challenge from previous years. I will keep going until I run out of steam, projects, time or inspiration.

Using Your Scrap Yarns

Here are three of them being blocked and almost ready for their shop photos.

Two acrylic scarves have also made it to the shop. I’m thrilled. The colors are bright and cheerful. The Brown Ombre Scarf and then this one. The white scarf makes great use of scrap yarn. There will never be a pattern for this but I am pleased that it is finished. Feel free to imitate this scarf all you want. There are no plans to write a pattern for it. If my memory is right, there are 20-30 stitches between each dash of color. Each dash of color has 15 stitches in it. Thankfully, it has moved out of the WIPs stack to the FP or finished projects stack and is ready to go home with someone soon.

Using Your Scrap Yarns


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